A new agreement was incorporated into the מ”כים of course the divisions alive.

צילום: שי בן ארי, זרוע היבשה

Navigation, observation and intensive raids — are just part of a new agreement in the course of combat warriors, in order to make them more professional and much more

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מחבר: עומר פרלמן שטריקס, אתר זרוע היבשה

A new agreement entered into some of the course: practice scenes that combine navigation and intensive raids observations make professional and experienced campers, just before they become commanders.

Ten soldiers are hiding behind a hill and look down. Around them only sand and thorns. Waiting
In silence for a moment. Hezbollah man guarding the front of the building was definitely going side to side,
Looking at them but can’t see them. Everything happens quickly. He runs away, waving his hand and Commander of fighters begin a RAID. Going quickly but retain the absolute silence. They lumber between the walls of the building, moving one hand up the charge. Sir leaps, jumping from wall to wall and finally gets to Amal and caches the bomb. He protests the sweat from his brow and just before his mission ends, the guard’s footsteps approaching. Gunshots are heard, and the enemy commander Ensign remains intact.
“We’re moving fast,” declared. Ten soldiers are discovered in the rubble and run back to the starting point. Mission accomplished.

Maybe the event sounds like a dangerous operation from the battlefield, but this is a simulation of course agreement divisions. Recently changed the course.
To add content form the operational command novices and more experienced professional. The course lasts three months, and the exercise itself is held a week before the end.

“The exercise over and is relatively new, the course Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Shlomi Ben Lulu. “The campers leave the track circuit stations. Each station is engaged in another area of combat area such as RAID, navigation, and use of intelligence material. That summarize the content of the course. During the exercise, the soldiers to become actors in the film. Every mission is used another soldier out of ten soldiers field commander. The exercise class and three escorts from the Chief Examiners in and let him score.

The “get file” task, explains Deputy Commander major Roy 23 course. They are given two hours to read the information and command that they should plan received. They then stormed the goal and the mission. At the end there is a summary and lessons “.

As mentioned, the new and still exercise sweeping positive feedback so far. “The exercise is developing the apprentice because it gives him a sense of intensity and challenge,” explains major 23. “It simulates. There’s a lot of pressure and load the soldiers do everything with heavy equipment, helmet, vest and cartridges.

The requirements of the course. “I check the command and mental level,” he explains. “Ten soldiers have mtschlim you all the time, you come to a crossroads and you have to choose right or left, if you’re going to hurt.
The shape command is the ability to feel your eyes fixed on your back like blades and lead your people “. From the point of view of Lieutenant Colonel Ben Lulu from it.
That is three things: professionalism, responsibility and personality. “He’s the best candidate will have his soldier, knew how to train him, so he won’t be ready for battle. The ideal would be that his soldiers will vote on it and say ‘ I want to be, is my model.

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