A new system of the air force and the missile warnings expired accurate.

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During the American-Israeli exercise was baptism by fire for new system, which allows teams of home front command and the air force to track missiles and rocket launchings more effectively

תאריך: 14/11/2012, 12:59    
מחבר: שיר אהרון ברם, אתר חיל האוויר

For the first time in the Israeli-American Defense AC system came into use and control of the home front command. The new system, designed to improve the ability to alert a missile to Center for image management, ballistic
The air force which is responsible for rocket and missile discovery launchings toward Israel.

The ballistic image management Center (in order) are working shoulder to shoulder with the HFC, and together they share significant task: to warn the citizens of Israel against missile hits. During exercise the AC, which u.s. and Israeli forces are practicing air defense for Israel, IAF and the HFC widely used practice in the new system.

So far, before members of the home front command was in an armored of all Israel, and they had to distinguish any launch. However, the new system will allow them to focus on different areas of the country so that all staff can scan your own sector.
Carefully. “The new system allows to divide the land into various sectors and thus can be closer to providing notice to different areas,” explained Maj. Ofir wallfisch, so “this is the first time the HFC and we practice regularly cropped.

Within the חמ”ל, sitting side-by-side image armored officers representatives of the HFC. They must respond to all “they” get any target is simulation of dispatching
A missile fired towards Israel in the framework of the exercise-AC first, they receive a warning about the launch.
After examining the launch data and data comparison of various sensors, ballistics image officers decide whether the poor launch Israel-hence the
The home front command.

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