A Palestinian boy received medical treatment from the Kfir Brigade soldiers after being tased

The regimental medical officer of hoopoe, Deputy Battalion ewry Raviv, used to treat soldiers but last night helped eight Palestinian child was hit hard. His parents brought him to the outpost, the soldiers, who treated him.

תאריך: 16/10/2012, 15:26    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

A Palestinian boy who was electrocuted and received severe burns on his hands, received last night (Monday) medical Regiment’s medical officer, hoopoe Kfir Brigade. The treatment was a post where the Regiment is operationally employment near halamish settlement. After the treatment the child to Tel Hashomer Hospital, and the condition set.

Yesterday at 5:15 pm the Palestinian car baby father and son 8 years old to post
Of the regiment near the halamish settlement. The boy came with very severe burns on his hands who showed up to his bones, after being caught with the hands and the wiring of high voltage electric shock. The regimental medical officer, Deputy Yuri Raviv came immediately and checking of the condition. “When I arrived the boy was very sore. Immediately after the initial opening and Reed and gave him morphine to ease the pain, said Lt. Robert,. “After I did the EKG test saw the kid in to evacuate him and booked immediately. We preferred to receive the best care is taken to Tel Hashomer Hospital, “he said.

“We treat all those who turn to us for help,” said Lt. Robert, it’s not our first treatment of Palestinian civilians, were only recently when four similar cases when the current case was significant. Battalion said that there are many instances where the wounded Palestinians and citizens turn in military vehicles, especially when it comes to non-urgent case. Lieutenant Robert, noted that after the evacuation was in direct contact with the ambulance and was informed that despite the concern after the electric shock will be heart problems, the child remains in the position
Stable, but have to receive long-term treatment for his burns.

“Palestinian citizens are aware there is a תאג”ד (pick-up station ר”ת laughing stock), gives the possibility to receive urgent medical treatment in severe cases, and we want every person receives the best care,” said Raviv’s Deputy. “This is my first case of child care
That shocked since I got here, it wasn’t easy. But while the treatment we provide you
The best treatment, and a feeling of satisfaction that we can respond to anyone who needs help.

Translated from Hebrew