A Palestinian planning helps in developing the field of fish breeding in artificial ponds

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The principal coordination is successfully conclude project fishery
“Encouraging industrialised area of occupation in the Gaza Strip and reduce dependence on Israel. Dozens of experts from the Gaza Strip were in Israel

תאריך: 12/12/2011, 10:40    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The principal coordination is successfully project agreements “industrialised” aquaculture in the Gaza Strip, which began this year, raising fish in pools. Israeli experts
Explain to Palestinians how to develop the industry and open Gaza’s economy and reduce dependence on Israel.

In 2010 the group featured check Palestinians the Gaza Strip into Israel to space for reviews, theoretical, practical and disinfectants in the field of fish breeding in pools. Necessary cost due to friction between the fishermen, when the Navy first crossed the border of the Gaza Strip, and because of the desire to create a track
Independent economics that can meet the needs of the population.

“We think that the future of the fish industry,” said IDF officer down site of agriculture
In the Gaza coordination and liaison, URI Mader. “Among the local population in Gaza has a very high demand for fish because of the proximity to the sea and culture developed, so we looked for a solution for that,” he explained.

During the year the Gaza Strip dozens of ponds using the knowledge and experience to move Israeli experts to Palestinian farmers and the sector is expected to grow more in the future. In 2010
The scope of the industrialized fish production amounted to 150 tons, compared to 650 tons catch beach.
“This is already a large percentage of total fish, but still most of the fish in the Gaza Strip from Israel or from importing and where to aim”, said Mader.

The fish breeding project in the pools died and he also accompanied him. Israel, with the dead, provides local farmers knew at the highest level, from a fish, sanitation material dosing, appropriate food types, and different processes taking place in pools. Meanwhile, inserted into Gaza all the necessary materials to farmers: unique food mixtures, oxidation and oxygen mix in water, etc.

In addition to Israel, there are two main sources of funding: the FAO (global Organization for agriculture or related) and the Swedish organization providing information and academic support, along with support and assistance in the establishment of pools. According to Madar, developing the industrialized aquaculture sector is supported by the Ministry of agriculture in the Government of Hamas. Although Israel never links
With Hamas, but you can see that the Government supports the idea of the fact that it won’t prevent the development, he said.

Besides, the main species in the project are Dennis and lightning feeds of Tilapia in freshwater. The pools are concentrated along the coast in the South to the Centre. Costing
Raising fish low hours fishing the shores and higher quality because the exact doses of water and so the economy can grow in Gaza. “We believe
The tumor will continue to develop within a decade already looks like most fish consumption based on hours and less growth on natural fishing, “said Mader.

Translated from Hebrew