A raise “Kfir” line up: increased motivation to serve in the regiment.

Makhoul Kfir, Col. UDI Ben-MoHA, noted with satisfaction that the increased motivation to serve in the Regiment is part of the growing collecting Kfir IDF combat news

תאריך: 26/07/2011, 11:12    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך

Raise a Kfir Brigade arrived today (Tuesday) to the recruitment, recruitment as part of August, the biggest change to the field units. This is the first draft of “Kfir”, Col. UDI Ben, who entered office a month ago and waited today for fresh recruits in the recruitment.

“This is actually my fourth draft, first draft of” Kfir “mobilizes her new fighters, said Col. akudo IDF radio interview” infantry divisions is very festive month, Greece we get best’s youth. In this draft we rise from 1.2 deal anywhere ב”כפיר” to an average of 2.2 deal on every seat, “said Col. Ben.

Mattis said that the increase in data indicates ש”הרצון and motivation and that Division rose a significant change we are very pleased about. I think the publication and awareness
The Division, the Division occupies a significant place in the IDF’s combat, becoming the dominant component that manages to attract prospective “.

“The method we are working with our commanders and soldiers is a sophisticated and
Fats proves himself today. We learn from the events that had been past and generate lessons to enhance the action, “said happy the Division operates battle simulations simulate operational events deal with the warriors. “We, as the IDF combat units, for the events of Sept. Parallel preparations for the preparations made for real emergency, said Col. Ben.

Translated from Hebrew