A return to ‘ cherry ‘

צוער י’, בסיום קורס הקצינים. צילום: טל מנור, דובר צה”ל

Among the cadets who meet on the court orders in which 1 is 10, his father was rescued from an attempted kidnapping by the Warriors ‘ cherry ‘ unit to serve as a special unit officer

תאריך: 23/10/2013, 21:50    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

קורס קצינים

Already that day saved the cherry warriors
The father of the Palestinian hotopio, Cadet knowledge because this unit gets 10th as shidjois.
This week he concludes that special officers course, which will serve as an officer in one of the elite units in the IDF. “I believe that if the soldier has all the data and capabilities to get Commission, he must do so and contribute to our country,” explained Cadet

The desire to serve in the tragic incident began when officer y. 3.
“My father was waiting for a ride from Gush Etzion to Jerusalem, at a time when the road went through the Bethlehem area,” he recollected. “He got on his car completely normative, he learned that it was a terrorist squad who wanted to kidnap an Israeli citizen.

Y. said the vehicle turned into a Palestinian village and immediately one of the terrorists pulled a gun.
“My father started to scream and quickly managed to jump out of the car. Within a few seconds of steady on and go back to chase him, and suddenly the ride behind my father, came from twelve soldiers. These soldiers were the elite warriors, who presently work for the event and thereby save his father.

Since the same event from 10 interested in unit. He immigrated to the u.s. at age 13 and settled with his family in Alon Shvut, as he approached the age of 18 became interested in service as a warrior
In Cherry. “While there are countless way units can contribute to, but I knew I ldovdevn”, noted, explaining that the desire to get the unit was the same incident with his father, as well as its relationship with the warriors and advise the unit told her.

Y. enlisted in August 2011, and the evening gets their stairs waiting too long. “So far moved in, a service provider. Dilemmas, encountered no experienced contact with the population and should enable judgment over all services, “he said. Now he’s waiting for the day to be an officer in a unit, and seeks to get his own team, he can pass on his experience and opens it in the way he does.

In recent days the 10th farm excitement exceeds even than share his officers course. The day after the ceremony, the future 10 to marry his girlfriend for three years. “My head is now busy with upcoming wedding, the cadet. “Two big events happened situation in my life to coincide with each other, and I expect them. Y. told in addition because his family and his father in particular encouraged him from the beginning, service and accompany him throughout the service.

“I’m glad I’m where I can do what I want, and that is important to my role,” he added. “I am now in a kind of closure with the father’s story, and there’s no better feeling today.”

Translated from Hebrew