A rocket struck directly at Netivot

הפגיעה בנתיבות

There were no casualties but damaged psyche. Since 2012 hit Israel
455. Home front command ordered the continuation of the procedure. “Correct behavior according to save life,” advised expired

תאריך: 09/09/2012, 08:27    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Two Grad rockets were launched toward the night South: one rocket struck directly in the town of Netivot, another rocket exploded in an open area in Be’er Sheva. There were no casualties.

Since 2012 hit 455 rocket Israel. 10 rockets struck Israel since the beginning of September.

The home front command hasn’t changed its guidelines to defense and ordered to continue existence.
The procedure. “Tonight we correct behavior according to save life,” advised the HFC. According to the residents, must sound alarm or voice, to terminate the protection process and into space. If not given another instruction, after 10 minutes you can get from the protected space.

Translated from Hebrew