A salute to our

צילום: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

30 artworks on bereavement, heroism and resurrection, are displayed in Yad labanim schools throughout the country. Mimi Ziv, if all that participates in the exhibition: art
Allows to express some of what we’re going through

תאריך: 25/06/2012, 11:30    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Last week at Yad labanim Bethany exhibition named “hero” salute as part of educational expertise and heritage values among the public in Israel. The exhibition was organized by Yad LeBanim organization “headed by Eli Ben-Shem, in cooperation with the Academy of art and design in Bezalel and Schenker for engineering, design and craftsmanship. Curator is Rina Moskowitz, who served as curator of the exhibition “our Organization”.

According to the exhibition curator, is an unprecedented project in both meaning and purpose “and contains about 30 works of art on bereavement, heroism and redemption. Among the creators can find bereaved mothers, students of art and others. The exhibition was attended by Chairman of Yad LeBanim organization, Eli Ben-name; The Chairman of Yad labanim “Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Yosef Lautenberg;
And the new head of casualties came in that morning to beautiful, Colonel Moore.

Lior died for the country.

Among the many artists also position Mimi Ziv, mother of Lior Ziv,
He was killed in Rafah in 2003 when operational documentation. Lior was a photographer.
The film unit of the IDF spokesperson, and is the only space in the history of the IDF spokesperson.
Mimi draw Ziv was one and amoarchim the exhibition, depicting her in symbolic colors of red and black. “I moved in my painting process since Lior
Killed, told IDF site. “I had to draw something figurative, so I moved
Abstract techniques. During the intifada started working on collages from magazines, which would move to something more “figurative, explained Ziv creation process
Its complex, intertwined security experience naturally.

“Star of David” is a painting of one of the photos of Zio, plus other elements such as David and unique coloration. “At some point I started to document myself in different situations,” continued Ziv to describe the creative process that accompanies to the bereavement. “The painting belongs to a series called” broken to pieces ‘, which is based on my paintings when I’m actually falling apart on the canvas, “added Zeb and made light of the finished product, speaks for itself.

Nine years after the loss, Mimi Ziv know exactly what killed her son and how the IDF
Caught in her place. “Lior died for the country. He fights for things he wanted, only to exit position to the same photo, “Ziv. In addition, the schema to clarify some of the Zio symbolism of colors which have used “The color red symbolizes blood.
Spilled to the country. Since Lior killed, the IDF occupies a particular place in my creations, “said Ziv.

The relationship between IDF Brigade of Ziv and tightened only. “Most of my friends who were with Lior in the unit are in close contact with us,” said Mimi Ziv.
The IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai (Foley), see also special commitment is in contact with the family. “The connection between us and the speaker is, and we’re coming to visit only one at least twice a year. Also, we show a movie about Lior in the course, and speaking I presentation of my paintings, “said Mimi Ziv,” adding that “This Visual – the soldiers can appreciate what we go through.” The image of the IDF is not also nbzert exhibitions showing Mimi Ziv, calls on holidays and days of memory. “Whenever mention Lior, and mutual relationship,” explained Mimi Ziv.

Lior Ziv was immortalized through paintings of Mimi, the family’s connection with the IDF spokesperson unit and swing through annual March held to remember the Passover Eve through Studio named in art class is useful in Shenkar College. “This is a class which is there, and we contributed to her equipment,” explained the father of Lior Ziv, David.
In addition, told the Sieff family that examines the film unit to read the party new operational documentation named Lior.

Fought for fallen bitkumat Israel and maintaining independence.

Yad LeBanim Organization Chairman, Eli Ben-Shem, referred to the importance and nature. “The works are mostly of bereaved families of war, which is part of the Memorial process we are commanded,” noted Ben there. “Through this exhibition we remember these?
That fall, “added Ben there.

The Chairman of Yad labanim hotels Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Yosef Lautenberg, also expressed his opinion on the exhibition. “Using artistic means we bring the message to the younger generation and to all Israel, to instill the legacy of falling for nearby bitkumat Israel and maintaining its independence,” said Lautenberg. He said the Memorial is important from first in the State of Israel. “It is important in bloody price paid by so heavy from creation all young and older don’t we, young people have sacrificed their lives in mental devotion to live there,” said Lautenberg.

The exhibition “our hero” may wonder into my dreams in Yad labanim schools throughout the country, and there will be an auction of the works. All proceeds will be transferred to “white hand” to continue the commemorative activities and the legacy of the fallen.

Translated from Hebrew