A senior Israeli air force “as an alternative to shuttle trains designed for the welfare of the soldiers and their safety.”

Senior IDF claimed that the shuttle will be at the disposal of the soldiers emerged from the social and safety concerns, rather than economic reasons.

תאריך: 19/01/2012, 13:59    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Senior IDF clarified today (Thursday) that the shuttle be soldiers on Sunday morning, as an alternative to rail services, the move to improve the experience of soldiers on their way to bases. “This is for the soldiers not to lay, did it for the soldiers,” said the senior official.

In a briefing to reporters noting that causes that during the past four years, the IDF acted with
The railway administration in order to find a solution to the congestion problems on Sunday morning, during which aims to improve the response to IDF and allow them a comfortable ride while ensuring a seat. Starting Sunday walked over, when 300 private buses will be available to soldiers, some direct and some rear echelon paranoia.

“The problem of congestion in trains on Sunday mornings was standing in front of us,” explained the cause
The Executive background. “Criticism of our decision. We do it for our soldiers and they were sitting on the bus as their shamtaan be in the trunk and with huge train as צ’ימידן. Buses only prosecuted at their disposal, “he said.

The senior official said that the decision came from economic considerations. “It’s not what lead us in the last four years,” he said, “we pay the same price for travel days on Sunday from 6 to 9. The real goal is to help our soldiers to go comfortably to the bases on which they serve.

As reported in the IDF website, fleets will North stations to Tel Aviv, both ways. The array will run on Sundays from 06:00 to 09:00. These peak hours, not able to use Northern rail lines, only buses that run within the array. During the day, and other days of the week, will travel to servants in trains, as is customary today.

The new transportations services include approximately 300 direct buses and slow lines, which will be launched by Israel railways, and will travel through Highway 6 and the Carmel tunnels, in order to allow the rest of the trip. The use of reservists train and geared intact security service and they can use the train services normally.

In order to enforce it, get the train Israel ushers in stations, and the IDF will place links and assistance for the purpose of informing and serving the stations adjacent to train stations. During the next week will be to serve in the IDF informational at train stations and detailing the locations of the stations, alternative transportation and schedules of the buses.

Translated from Hebrew