A senior officer in the operation administrators: “prepared for any scenario, dramatic headlines from the reality on the ground.”

The officer was referring to recent events in Judea and praised the IDF forces managed to hold and maintain relative calm

תאריך: 26/02/2013, 19:12    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

“The dramatic headlines than the situation on the ground, although the past few months are characterized by significant events pertaining to violence,” so said today (Tuesday) a senior officer at central command, briefed military reporters, referring to recent events in Judea and Samaria.

The senior officer speculated that “the event is over, but the strength we saw at the end of last week and over the last few days-a significant relaxation”. The officer speculated that the events related to Palestinian prisoners are due to their attempt to delegitimize and press against the arrests and the move to prevent terrorist attacks, which are a critical component is confronting terrorism and riots on the ground “.

“Overall, the violence-free hatapiino. It is the goal we set for ourselves, “said the senior officer,” has a limited number of casualties, especially in places where high level of violence, as in the case of Rachel’s Tomb there were throwing improvised grenades and improvised explosives on our forces. ” “The forces in the field functioned well,
As a result of the awareness of the importance of avoiding casualties.

With respect to the order, said the senior officer that the forces that deal with incidents in skilled tasks, including infantry forces, Jorhat and Geddes Giv’ati “.
“The containment riots in which hundreds of Palestinians took part in a good way.” With regard to the mechanisms, “officer are a particular contribution to calming the area, there is a general loss of control”.

The senior officer pointed out that the central command are deploying to any scenario: “we anticipate significant events level also in the near future. Has opened more challenges,
Including explosive triggers that can serve as a springboard into violence. We do everything possible to ensure that no events are out of control and expand to large-scale events.

Translated from Hebrew