A separate report South: this privilege to protect western Negev

צילום: עומר שלו, דובר צה”ל

In the shadow of the events in the South end, Tal hermoni Colonel role as Commander of the southern division in the Gaza Strip and handed over to the priest. Gen. Rousseau: prepared for every challenge

תאריך: 14/10/2012, 17:48    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Colonel Tal hermoni, Commander of the southern division in Gaza today.
(I) the role of ceremony in Gaza division headquarters. Bliss on the job he was Colonel
The priest. The ceremony was headed by Southern Command Chief, Gen. Tal Russo and the Division Commander, Brigadier General Yossi Bahar.
“During the term broken silence, but we worked
With determination in order to restore quiet restored, “concluded the outgoing Brigade in a speech at the ceremony. “The Assassin’s hand was sent to us, gdano hartheno about our flag because we pursue our enemies and nshigem, I know all the terrorist organizations we know any fear.” Another 89 אל״ם said that ״זו was a great honor for me to defend the western Negev and allow residents and children of the area to live and to dream as a person.
Colonel hermoni said the site
The IDF that the unit’s departure, but that the situation feel.  “I’m sure to the Cohen continues from doing so successfully and that it will lead to new achievements and will deal with all the challenges facing Southern Division,” he added.
Changed and continues to change the face these days, “referring to the bone marrow, Colonel Hacohen inauguration. “New threats added to the old familiar threats and pouring.
He told Colonel Hacohen because it receives the command of a division of a sense of responsibility, and that he knows where he went and do anything in order to cope with the challenges. Colonel Hacohen recently back from the period of mission abroad, and formerly served as Commander of the paratroopers, Magellan, a self-proclaimed in the stream and Head Office
Of the other positions and paratroopers.
“Colonel hermoni received another sector than he delivers, and the same Colonel Hacohen moves will be different,
South OC, Tal Russo to cut Southern Division, “Amos is worthy and appropriate to the cope with the challenges, and I have no doubt that the sector reaches new heights in command.
The champion added that although we are at an interesting time, ש”צה”ל and always ready for a challenge.

Translated from Hebrew