A significant increase in the number of events in the Gaza Strip

צילום ארכיון: גיל קרמר, דובר צה”ל

The Immigration Department is not only manifested in the rockets-recently encounter most forces, arms and shooting tkrboyoth the fence: “for every little incident on the Palestinian side, there is a reaction.”

תאריך: 06/07/2014, 11:30    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

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While the IDF forces operated in the last few weeks intensively in Judea and Samaria as part of “operation return”, an increase in the number of cases even in the South, in the Gaza Strip. Tensions in steep trajectory gunfire (תמ”ס)
The southern population, increase the activity against IDF forces by by light arms, burying IEDs, snipers, and another fence tkrboyoth. According to Deputy Commander of Givati’s Recon Battalion, major guy dominates his battalion, the northern sector of the Gaza Strip, the situation is tense, and the impact of “operation return” is also in the field.

While discussing possible reply babint on abduction and murder of three youngsters, Gilead-Shaar, Naftali frenkiel and fagr, space forces are waiting for decisions that come from above. “We sharply on every small event on the Palestinian side, there is a reaction to the source of fire,” said major guy. “There are many possible scenarios it could start shooting and finished the event. The Warriors strong and vigilant. ”
According to him, the main one being the protection of communities and residents in sector, but along with that Regiment.
Continues to prepare and get ready for the day. “This is our purpose, if required to be.
The first to enter “, mujeeb.

A significant increase in the number of events in the Gaza Strip

“If we need to fight to be the first to enter. Photo: Gil Kremer, the IDF spokesperson

Recently not only increase trend evident in rocket fire but also in exceptional cases, particularly in light arms fire, land charges and the tkrboyoth the perimeter fence. This is
A significant change in the sector, which was relatively quiet until recent weeks. “Until a few months ago, there was no firing of Hamas and was quiet,” said major guy.
“Today the situation is different. The enemy is shooting at us, trying to hurt chohotno and shoot תמ”ס towards
Communities. In addition, we see a lot of rotation in the area “.

The increase in the number of events is significant, according to a spokesman for the immigration of tens, and even hundreds. According to the officials, the nature and quantity of cases vary from sector to sector, but affect all troops in the area. “Our response is the power to two scenarios: the first refers to an event in a trusted and other forces to Gaza port,” revealed the Givati Commander, Captain פלס”ר. “The two cases are very different from battle-ready and alert in the procedure.

A significant increase in the number of events in the Gaza Strip

“We are ready for development and provide an opportunity to scratch.” Photo: Gil Kremer, the IDF spokesperson

With the deal operational armored brigade gsertit too. “Global warming is very challenging because we still don’t see an enemy in the eye, but she still felt”, explained the company commander, Capt. Regev. “We feel it especially in the industry, we made
We’re getting into a lot of shelters or tanks that serve us as safe and put us in made for each scenario. He is currently examining the enemy forces in the sector, and therefore the forces that maintain vigilance and alert to changes and developments.

The kidnapping incident in Judea, the threat and the industry-all these make soldiers realize that operational readiness is required of them. “If the message was used to hold the sector today are preparing even crossing”, said Captain Regev. “There is tension in the air operations and ready for development and provide an opportunity to scratch.”

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