A stabbed two soldiers in the West Bank; the validity terminated.

One of the soldiers was injured seriously. The soldier, who sustained minor injuries, fired the terrorist and killed him, “get up off the floor, aiming his weapon and shot him.”

תאריך: 08/04/2015, 12:19    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

A terrorist who stabbed two soldiers, wounding one of them critically, terminated a while ago at סנג’יל settlement by the soldier, who sustained minor injuries as a result of a stab wound. The two soldiers were evacuated for medical treatment.

The bomber killed Sgt. Tomer Len fighter Regiment “tavor” of the HFC. According to
Sgt. Len’s, he saw the bomber approaching him when standing outside the vehicle of power.
“The Palestinian people came and went. He didn’t look suspicious. He then went on another 100 meters.
And disappeared. After a few seconds he came towards me, and when he was a few feet away from me began to run.
Me screaming and pulled a knife, “said. Sgt. Len was stabbed in the back and fell to the side of the road. At the same time the bomber walked into the car and began to attack the soldiers. “I was on the floor but
I got up, pointed to him, shot him and killed him. “

Sgt. Len, that serves as a medic gave first aid to the injured and out of the car when they absorb blood. “He talked to me and told me he was fine,” described. “I saw his wounds and gave him first aid, stopped the bleeding from the neck until the meter. I feel fine, just some bruising stab wound continents. “

Last week Decker from the Sgt. Jason Lightman, 101 battalion of paratroopers, in the area of Oranit settlement. The soldier sustained minor injuries and was in a hurry to take over.

Translated from Hebrew