A step up in hostile activity against security in transitions

פלסטינים במעבר. צילום ארכיון

Pipe bombs instead of stones, and increased motivation to carry out the kidnapping of a soldier, too while operational functioning. Crossings Erez battalion: “represents an increase in the severity of events”

תאריך: 10/03/2013, 12:15    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

In recent months, the regiment passes identify “police box was a disturbing trend military Jerusalem envelope area-Tin events (hostile terrorist activity), alongside the reduced the number of cows. “The riots were
Throws stones and more advanced stages of throwing petrol bombs at security forces.
Today we are experiencing the phenomenon in which a real pipe bombs thrown at them, “explained to the IDF website, battalion commander Lt. Col. Yuval sheinkin. These events, occurring mainly in the past Rachel close to Rachel’s Tomb. “Hostile terrorist activity became freight-based,” he added.

Daily absorbs way beyond Rachel large amount of pipe bombs, which constitutes a significant degree increase in hostile activities against the security guards in the area. “It’s something organized, which represents an increase in the severity of events”, said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin. In addition, alerts about attempted abduction of immigrant soldiers. “There is a very high motivation to do such a thing,” said John cedar and added that “this is not a necessarily a kidnapping by an increase on rides, but also kidnapping when operational function or operate an operational event.”
As a result, troop commanders “enclosure of the military police soldiers face accents too.
The threat, along with other threats.

Spoken trend indicates gradual transition from folk, disruptions
They were common in the past, the hostile terrorist activity that takes place in an organized manner.
“We are not isolated from the regional arena, and Palestinians affected”, said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin.

An increase of over 100% more illegal immigration to Israel due to the economy.

Meanwhile, the economic situation in the Palestinian Authority gives its toll even on the activity AMA Erez Jerusalem envelope “is mostly worth the infiltration into Israel areas. “As the economic situation looks worse than attempts to infiltrate. Those who attempt to infiltrate do it normally in order to find work in Israel, in violation of the law, “the battalion commander.

Lately there has been an increase in the amount of illegal staying trying
Infiltrate into Israel territory. 601 captured throughout 2011, while in 2012 the number
To IEC in the captured. “I appreciate the motivation of the infiltrate is higher as a result of reductionism that gaps in the border fence”, said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin. Also regarding the perception of the detected – support: “we got 111 in 2011 in 2012 and prioritize monthly seized 330,” added.

As a result of the economic situation isn’t just gripping the Palestinian Authority, voters in the Erez battalion also increased the amount of goods. Just before early February, caught in transition Hizma 60 gas canisters destined to be smuggled into the territories of Israel. During airport security guards the security of one of the gas smell in the air. “The truck that led
The balloons loaded with the level in the wall, discovered 60 gas canisters. Some were with
Standard, with standard way for Palestinian-Israeli households, “said Majid. The fuel and Energy Ministry gas and impounding the truck and its contents for
During the next six months, and opened a criminal investigation against the smuggler.

Meanwhile, recently met in Erez battalion expansion of another phenomenon — driving psoli
To reach the crossings. “The end of January until 10 February seized 63 psoli driving we took off,” said Lt. Col. sheinkin. To deal with this phenomenon, examining the Erez battalion different treatment. So far such cases would result in summonses for questioning Israel Police, and driving psoli had to wait until the authorized person
To drive a car. “Relevant factors may relate to the operative question, to perform actions on the ground,” concluded the Majles.

Released Shalit tried to carry out an attack and captured at a checkpoint

Another event with the battalion faced in recent months is his
Of a terrorist released in Shalit at the Qalandia checkpoint, after he intended to carry out an attack. “The bomber.
Heard on the price tag events in Judea and Samaria, and decided to try to infiltrate and carry out an attack inside Israel, “said Majid. The suspect arrived at the Qalandia checkpoint to cross it and stabbing an Israeli citizen. Upon entering the leg was arrested by security guards to a routine inspection, and when he tried to slip away, it was decided to close the crossing. “He introduced before securing a green identity card, not allowed to enter Israel anyway, Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin. At this point, took bribes of one hundred shekels and tried to convince the guards to let him go.

After this experience, security checks on him and found him a knife and pepper gas. “During questioning admitted he intended to carry out an attack in revenge for an event price tag, and told
Holding pepper in case they catch him, so that he can spray those who stand against it and run, “said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin. The soldiers seized the bomber received certificates of appreciation from an officer.
The military police (קמצ”ר), Brig. Gen. Meir Ohana, and Commander of the Jerusalem region border, watch תנ”צ Lo. “The bottom line was here. The soldiers seized the bomber did attack, the assailants of these americaor are no threat
Them intelligence “, said Majid.

Translated from Hebrew