The card of set points before in recent weeks, a significant upgrade with a new system that will allow tighter control and issue of items that acquire permanent personnel of civilian and sports equipment.

The points card gives each man held in can buy military clothing items and clothing in sports with accrued points. Computing Department eller, human resources department, has established a new system based on existing technologies, which allows control over the requested equipment, warehouses and equipment Centre clothing stores. The system of issuing reports about the number of entitlements and the amount of its inventory every order automatically creates missing items into the warehouse, which transmits them to the equipment immediately.
Also, in the coming year will be added to the “shopping cart” online in tzaln and network will be able to invite members of the items you want using the number as rtisem.

“The project will in equipment Center of one system are the basic equipment and civilian clothing stores, thus simplifying production processes and better integration
Among the warehouse to the store, “said Lieutenant Colonel Daniel discovered from computing this eller continued her trend of ICT Department, ieads across local systems obsolete key systems, providing more data, transparency and information solutions
Better to אלר”ם needs and the needs of the individual,” adds ICT Department, Lieutenant Colonel Dror


תאריך: 29/04/2007, 12:10    
מחבר: אלעד שליו, אתר אלר”ם

Translated from Hebrew