A visit to the doctor.

יונתן אוריך

Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Dr. Hezi Levi, crepe, today serves as head of medical administration at the Ministry of health. He remembered during the disengagement (“great emotional challenge), the second Lebanon war (” the doctors “work done) and Turkey assistance mission (” professional and national pride “). What about swine flu?

תאריך: 25/10/2009, 11:04    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך

The ringing phone are not arbiters in the Office of Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Dr. Hezi Levi, who stands at the head of medicine in the Health Ministry. The calls arrive
Dr. levy and is trying to reassure side to handle swine flu and approaching.
Occasionally he peered through the window, looking at the skyline and wait for winter to come with the inevitable confrontation with the complex. In terms of the State of Israel, Dr. levy is that management, who should stop the panic and to cope with the disease.

I met with Dr. levy and days from tensions with Turkey, Turkish television series showing soldiers as murderers. Further more I ask whoever ran the army expedition to Turkey after a 1999 earthquake, how the farm.

Dr. Hezi Levi, born in 1949 and served as ROTC. He served as a medic during the war of attrition with Egypt, in the region. For 34 years he served in the IDF, a long chain of Central
Roles in the medical corps as Commander of northern command, command medical Lieutenant and Chief Medical Officer קרפ”ר 2003-2007. As Chief Medical Officer dealt with the challenges
The disengagement and the second Lebanon war. Beside the internal challenges, ieads צה”ליות assistance missions beyond enemy lines: Kenya, Kosovo, Macedonia and Turkey.

“Only now reap the fruits”

One of the main processes that characterized the reign of Dr. levy as Karp, were tremendous efforts to improve medical “ה”מעטפת duty and soldiers. “In this job, you realize that will take a long time to change. I’m glad my colleagues continue the
The same way we found to be correct, “says Dr. levy in retrospect.

When examining the military tenure, what are you proud of?

“I remember all the way which emphasis on improving the service.
Among other things, it comes with the upgrade and development of the computerized medical record (CPR), a virtual shopping bag all medical information for each soldier and soldier. In addition, I establish unique medical contacts, including joint clinic I’m proud. “

Are you satisfied with the service provided today to set?

“The process started when the finished crepes before, unfortunately. We have supplementary insurance for permanent contacts and I appreciate and hope it comes eventually.

There’s quite a bit of criticism at outpatient clinics of the IDF, “rounds”. Surely you’ve heard.

“I do know, however, is entirely is not correct. I have no doubt that “service visiting physician regarding medicine after working hours,
Is a successful transition for the system and for the soldiers. Importantly, the transition ל”ביקור physician isn’t saving money to, it costs more, so it is not consideration.
The reality was grim: the lack of accessibility, lack of medics and doctors and
The availability. Despite the criticism, the transition into “rounds” that violate all these data and therefore justified criticism against the same neglected alternative “.

And the list of achievements, it is impossible not to mention the establishment of the school of medicine at the Hebrew University.

“Indeed, this is a personal project I do it since 1998, when Lieutenant קרפ”ר
Under the crepe, Prof. Aryeh Eldad. I remember dozens of discussions, in front of the Education Ministry, אט”ל head and of course against Deputy Chief and Chief of glad happy idea and school starts there this year. After a decade of action, I am convinced that this is an important project like no medical corps, which needs manpower. “

Disengagement: “we had to find out special procedures

Dr. Hezi Levi is required to deal with Israel’s unilateral disengagement plan, as Chief Medical Officer. Like all the IDF medical corps, too, under his command, conducted in accordance with one of the greatest challenges in the history of the IDF, which has become a complex reality was the fact that medical corps to deal with the civilian population.

How was characterized by the alignment, as Karp, for implementing the disengagement plan?

“It was an emotional and professional challenge. To perform the preceding plan period
Evacuation zones were defined as closed military zones. The HMOs were not there, the paramedics and doctors were prevented from reaching and helping civilians.
“Sir, I saw myself obligated to prepare medical care to civilians, which is not usual for medical corps.
With the approval of the Director General of the Ministry of Defense (the subject) and in support of former Health Minister Danny Naveh, scheduled to step into this vacuum of army lack of medical services. We dealt with this challenge successfully, establishing general clinics and dental clinics in some places.

Informed of my fitness, medical corps soldiers underwent mental preparation and the process?

“The most important thing was the challenge to help with an event so sensitive to the citizens of Israel. I think the maximum success reallysuccesful thing in this area: there were no exceptional tlamviot, despite provocations on behalf of residents. It is possible to characterize the maximum sensitivity “forces.

Mental preparation was something different from the preparation it moved more troops

“Mental preparation was a little different, because medical assistance resembles other
The roles. Medicine equivalent to striving for touch, and personal assistance – and so we had to teach medical personnel how to do it. In the field of medical teams and paramedics discovered exciting matriculation, no-nonsense approach and fiery speeches, compassionate atmosphere – despite the difficult situation. Happened to find maturity.
“This time I recall
. She was accompanied by psychological difficulties and significant burden. Despite being an adult.
In difficult situations, I found myself not one of excited, with watery eyes. Regardless of your political position, regardless of support or resistance to find plan Israel citizens abandon their homes, their synagogues. We just say that even those who stand on whatever position. “

Lebanon II: a new model for dealing with injured.

During the second Lebanon war, as the IDF units, medical corps found itself in the midst of one war. The Lebanese terrain, fighting, parameters created difficulties in the provision of medical care in the field: small and scattered forces moved from House to house under fire.
The evacuations were only feet, as a result of difficulty in getting רק”ם, helicopters and airplanes-demand trace and anti-tank fire on our forces. This troubled the medical corps, urged by Dr. Hezi Levi, adopt earlier theories of medical corps, and to ensure that medical assistance.

How is it done?

“Didn’t we put an array of major evacuation centers, but in practice little medicine forces dispersed with the warriors. We scattered the forces on the ground, in the short term.
The deal required significant reinforcement in reservists, but eventually we were able to get doctors and paramedics for personal space units when they are attached to the force.
“As a result
Out, there was a problem of transporting equipment. As portable medical equipment to Greece on soldiers, on foot, you can’t bring any equipment in full. We need to make instant assessments of what is more important to carry, depending on analysis models of
Injuries. All taken on the backs of the ה”צמודים”. The particularly urgent cases cleared by helicopters within reasonable time provided. Evacuation of wounded was complicated in itself, since hospitals in Northern region had to cope with military preparations, civilian-side that it’s under enemy fire and during combat. The need
About shared with civilian systems about the evacuation policy. This is the first time that Israel has experienced real war on the home front: front and back hurt?.
“The doctors
And the paramedics did and work rescued-that proved the effectiveness of accessibility. We were forced to move lessons while in motion, from day to day and moment to moment.

Assistance missions: “strength and faith in this country and in the medical corps.”

As mentioned above, Dr. Hezi Levi led and managed aid missions. In most cases this is an ethnic background assistance delegations following genocide and cruelty. That was the delegation to Kosovo, which he commanded in the field Dr. Hezi Levi. He remembers the sights: refugees being thrown out of their homes seeking desperately poor family, murdered thousands on their background.

What it did to you, to be there on the ground, IDF overdressed?

“In one sentence? It gave me strength and faith in this country and in the medical corps. While working in these areas of genocide, particularly Jewish and IDF soldier, because you’re proud to be able
As State and army to lend a helping hand to those who need it.
“One of the most significant experiences
From my point of view, was treating poor two twins who were almost to death. They came to the clinic opened, accompanied by their mother, and polluted. Weak. We improvised unity and began trying to rehabilitate them. Later, we received that aid and supplies. Then I turned the Macedonian Health Minister and asked him to keep twins treated at one of the hospitals (which is not usual in the attitude of Macedonia to war refugees). A few hours before our flight time back, I went to the hospital and asked to visit them. I met them in their room, clean and healthy, receive adequate treatment and food. Of course they looked completely different. This picture in my mind because I realized the power of process: saved lives.
“As I stood by the bed, I remembered the entire process, which began with reports of genocide and request for delegation and the arrival of space etc. There, near the bed, seen in one picture the entire process-the healthy faces of folded twin these refugees. Is design.
Several years later, on 17 August 1999, the ground shakes in Turkey. This time is called Brig. Gen. Dr. Hezi Levi manage the expedition, Colonel Angers Dr. Paul Benedek. The IDF medical corps, and the home front command, was correct and edit help-and indeed required assistance. An exploration expedition
In the field of surgery and trauma as birth and childcare.

What do you remember from the disaster area, so the 99

“I remember when I got to the point where the medical services were destroyed at worst or were insufficient, island. The devastation was complete. We replaced the medical services
, And entered the vacuum created in the chronics medical.
Coping in the region was: weather damage, poor sanitation, fear of pandemics and death as a result of the natural disaster. Speaking of preventive medicine, alertness against epidemics and full coordination with the local government. The Israeli delegation has led the coordination between all the delegations and the Turkish Government.

And when the delegation is recalled, as tensions with the Turks, what goes through your head?

“It hurts me very much. I am not naive, I don’t think the fact that you have previously sent צה”לית delegation is supposed to change the attitude of a country towards us. This gives “points”, but human memory is short. At the time, the Israeli delegation was a real hit,
We were very popular not only during but also after the event. So Israel with Sharon, where whole housing village of containers. We went to help after the earthquake. So, again, it is not surprising but disappointing.
“The putsch
This Turkish Türk’s treatment toward Israel, me girl. My girl even more incite series, I have no doubt that Nighthawk becomes a thing of or sponsored by government officials there. This series shows the Israelis as murderers and it hurts me even more,
As someone who himself has helped them in their plight. We deserve to be treated. Furthermore, I believe the various allegations concerning Israel and behavior in cast lists.

The next natural disaster somewhere in the world, you rush to the plane with rescue systems

“I think aid delegations are ambivalent. On the one hand, aid mission adds to the professional and national pride. It is a logistical and medical project very complex and complicated. When tolach it several times, it adds to your professional skill, beyond the matter of reputation. On the other hand, launching aid delegation involves shahotsuot fortune, of course, comes at the expense of the public. Thus, the discretion of the Government, cost/benefit and the army has to make every decision, of course.

And really, what is effective?

“Frankly, sometimes the effectiveness is not high. To me the relief missions are important, you should read carefully all terms. One of the main reasons is the delegation’s output in terms of providing assistance to those in need. I am not rushing to centers of global catastrophe, I think a fundamental mistake and I shouldn’t run crepe have discretion and moderation along with professionalism and full coordination with the Government invites “.

Swine flu: “soldiers of all citizens.”

The Health Ministry’s institutional with swine flu is approaching when
Standard: winter. Dr. Hezi Levi is not concerned, not as citizens rather than as soldiers. For him, the soldiers are all citizens, with regard to the risk groups and that consideration
Reviews for vaccines.
“The IDF full partner to share the committees discuss on this issue.
According to the criteria and risk groups of the civilian population-the IDF is vaccinated. At this point, wherever medical teams. Beyond that, there’s no reason to worry: the IDF is not found in a higher risk population. Evidence, the number of soldiers infected with the flu we exceed the proportion of patients, “Dr. levy relaxing.

Perspective: “military medicine is excellent”

The only testimony to the military past of Dr. Hezi Levi, signs and memorabilia, the offices mentioned on Office walls. Dr. levy is busy under civilian challenges provided by the health system. This is a good opportunity to ask him sincerely.
Israeli health it left behind.
“Over the years, claimed that the military health system is an excellent system. In retrospect, the soldiers receive proper care in the basket, so the fighters and in the field. I add to praise the military, by any standard of care, quality and maintaining high standards and wide health basket not one doesn’t exist even in the civilian system. It is appropriate to assess the military, “concludes Dr. levy with a smile.

Translated from Hebrew