A warrior join twice.

סמל אפרים דיסן, משמאל

Coat of arms of Ephraim, disen in place, served in the IDF, he returned to the States and then decided to go back and go again to Division. “I decided I wanted to join, so I joined twice.”

תאריך: 06/05/2012, 18:26    
מחבר: רוזה ליסנינסקי, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

Coat of arms of Ephraim, disen in place, do the impossible – and was drafted twice. Long flounder Ephraim to himself as to Israel.
Is he finished high school in Chicago, from Ephraim two for Sciences and mathematics, and completed a year and a half. “I decided I wanted to join,” says Sergeant disen, so I joined.

Within the project “volunteer abroad” Heliopolis and joined the Nahal Brigade there performed a service for 14 months. Ephraim participated in class, however the service is finished granite boarded a plane and returned to the familiar routine – Chicago. When I finished my period returned to Chicago, Ephraim, “I went back to school and my parents were very satisfied. I continued studying six months back then. “

When asked why makeup artists decided to return again replied without hesitation: “if I didn’t, I don’t think I cost to Israel.” The astonished parents not expressed satisfaction, at least not at first. “My mother wanted me to finish my degree and go back to Earth and enlist again, it was a little weird,” he describes.

Ephraim returned to Israel and reported on line, where sent to the infantry divisions of various sorts.
Surprisingly, the preference was clear – to return to serve in the Ephraim was assigned in the granite battalion. He said his previous class still recognize it and commanders to welcome him. “I wanted to go again. For the first time when I signed up I thought it was like in the movies. Then I realized it’s not military, but I still loved this movie, “says Ephraim.

Translated from Hebrew