A waxed shatotachim

צילום: שי וליץ- נוהר הפקות

During “peace for Galilee” made in fighting artillery against stubborn
The terrorists in Lebanon. Artillery corps realize that nowadays force status rests on her success in ‘ 82 ‘

תאריך: 12/07/2012, 16:17    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו ומתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Both players participated in the Mexican War of independence in the early 19th century, constituted one of the most famous weapon of artillery units in ashorio
The first. They symbolized the many soldier: obsolete, not necessary for operational activities. All that ended the Lebanon war “,” shachil “in” terrorist nest after nest of terrorists using breakthrough technologies: the IDF’s “became” fire fighters “to some basic fighting skills, and focus of military interest also abroad.

It revolution, “the turning point” in the place of artillery units, nhagga last week at a Conference marking 30 years of “peace for Galilee war”. Multi dimensional ceremony which contained a long and unusual occurrence and formation of “mafia hand” artillery, were again allowed the battle and highlighted one thing: Gunners of 2012, the capabilities, the air and land, “Sky Rider” and future rocket battalion plus many measures are classified, could not exist if it weren’t for the revolution of 82.

“If Yom Kippur were 25 battalions obsolete”, told IDF site main artillery officer, Brig. Gen. (Ret.), “ב’שלום Hagalil” already entered 77 troops, with breakthrough capabilities in any plane. This tremendous firepower-to understand what it feels like to direct fire from the ten regiments of one village. After the Yom Kippur war produced significant lessons, worked with Israeli industry and learned from innovative technologies from around the world. These were the first buds of a technology we know today, who controls fire land and from the air. We are all shooting machine guns, and “rides” and communication and laser range data. His first break was there, with logging not only Israeli and Israeli consciousness but also internationally. 82 all the TVs in the world showed us. “

A cell (Ret.) Mizrahi asked about the importance of the soldier he returns to the Gunners from the Yom Kippur war. “The 23 73 lost soldiers. It was a big trauma, and I will do my duty to protect soldiers ‘ lives. The great success of the Lebanon was the realization that it is possible to use the artillery force prudently to prevent infantry forces to get into difficult places. This structure bequeathed by a soldier and the army. Using artillery instead: If before the war would ask battery and get bought, ב’שלום Hagalil got Egged with cluster munitions. It was reversing concepts “.

Translated from Hebrew