A year after the disaster: first air force training in Romania

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For the first time since helicopter accident last summer, the Israeli air force to train in Romania. Rhino squadrons out there for practice, challenging and even exciting. Training:

תאריך: 15/08/2011, 12:22    
מחבר: מיכל ויסברוד, אתר חיל האוויר

Rhino squadrons of the IAF took intensive training throughout Romania and Carpathian Mountains, where the accident occurred last summer. “What happened last year.
Is that our friendship became a brotherhood, “said at the opening ceremony, General Alexander glushka, head of training in the air force. “This collaboration is very important to us.”

For two weeks, have dealt “elephants” squadrons ו”אבירי yellow bird with complex topography and the changeable weather. They practiced navigation and flight in mountains and ravines pricho sleepy image of carriage. “The species is unusual in that sense,” explains major, commanding the Squadron pilot flight “elephants” and leads to deployment.

“When a transport plane, everybody thinks about Boeing, El Al, passenger transport. All this in a very comfortable and high flight, with newspapers and coffee. But the rhino was built to be a tactical transport plane, meaning a plane flew navigations not necessarily friendly areas and leads the Warriors “, said major Roy.

“We can’t stop practicing here.

Following the accident, it was decided this year not to send squadrons to Romania. However, you can’t ignore the dangers that lurk among the Carpathians also planes such as the rhinoceros. “Our understanding of the specific training needs of a rhino, is an understanding of special operations and others. Delegation leader, says Lieutenant Colonel.
“What you don’t practice it, you don’t know how to do. And therefore we must stop practicing here, “he said.

“Romania is a country with a very different topography than Israel has to offer, and is therefore
Wide range for training. Has capabilities that we can practice here, “says Lieutenant Colonel. “Romania flight experience is fundamentally different from that of Israel. The high mountain flights is operational, required because of the different scenes we have
Act to protect the security of the country. Almost no activity or the IDF air force operations in hostile territory where the species is not found. And to be able to run everywhere.
In the world, we have to establish that it is not always possible to practice skills on.

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