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צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

From understanding the changes to the land battlefield, practiced the regimental officers across from open space to built-up area and vice versa. Head: battle commanders be disruptions and breakdowns, if not able to be creative and find solutions – they won’t be “

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מחבר: עומרי וינבאום, אגף התקשוב

אגף התקשוב

How looks my eyes war the regiments commanding officer?
In order to provide context for the preparation for dealing with situations of combat, special exercise conducted in training center. The cadets were at חמ”ל and contact the Warriors are in.” “We’re trying to trick them all sorts of scenarios,
Close as possible to reality meet on the field, “explained Deputy Commander major ren, Ezra.

Following the lessons of operation “Cliff” and understanding that b does not provide in certain cases that
The protection required to contact existence, it was decided that the border police headquarters established in the armed forces have taken over. The House is significant APC protected during deployment, and provides a link protection
And safety, allowing him to retain the connection.

“In recent years the State of Israel see the era in an open area and tanks
Facing the tank starts to move from the world, “said Chief Superintendent Mel commanders, Lt. Col. Molly Moran, speaking to the cadets. “Fighting is concentrated in the fighting in a built-up area and the space. The exercise is trying to help you understand what to do when moving from area to area and vice versa. The fight will be disruptions and breakdowns, and if not able to be creative and find solutions, they will not be awarded.

According to him, this is a long exercise with effort. “This exercise builds the cadets in three ways. The first is itanit, the second is the operational structure and the impact of ICT on the fighting and the third is creating and maintaining the ICT professional accompanying them from the beginning of the training, “he concluded.

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