AC12: exercise “ready to confront the shared strategic challenges.”

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American commanders and Israeli counterparts to express satisfaction, willful
The exercise, the largest in military history between the two countries. Chief of staff: “relations with the u.s. military – the best we ever had.”

תאריך: 30/10/2012, 10:19    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Two years of effort, planning and anticipation to Xian, an extensive exercise ever carried out by the IDF in collaboration with the us army – Austere Challenge 2012, or in short, AC12. During the exercise, the week to land Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the u.s. armed forces, General Martin Dempsey.
In his visit, General Dempsey to the main sites of the exercise, and the cooperation between the armies.

A joint declaration on camera referred to Lt. General and Admiral Gantz Dempsey.
The Chief stressed that “the exercise is, the relationship between the army and the Israeli army is one I’ve ever known.” Lt. General Gantz welcomed Admiral Dempsey: “this is not the first nor the last visit, but I think it represents the brave close between the two countries and security considerations of both.
I’m sure we will have a successful exercise.

Admiral Dempsey admitted to RA Gantz said that “this is the biggest exercise we did together. I’m waiting to see our soldiers work together, because this exercise combines our efforts in dealing with all possible threats. “

“We will create the air defense system in the world.”

“This is not just another drill, it is complex, evaluating operative programs around,” regional head of Operations Directorate, Aluf Yoav Har even in a speech at the opening ceremony of the exercise last week at hatzor airbase. The AC12 is exercise.
Air Defense, with some soldiers and American soldiers, and include assignments, headquarters operations and simulation.

“In these days when we are going more than ever facing the unknown, safe and predictable when this area changes, the IDF is critical of the State, and reinforced by the expertise and capabilities of the u.s. military,” said Commander of air defense, Brig. Gen. Shahar Shohat. “Together we will create the air defense system in the world and protect Israel from missile threats” name, emphasized the tower.

“AC practice reflects another layer in a deep relationship, and the stable between Israel to the u.s. from this solid relationship which is consecrated by two
Our countries, and is based on shared values including democracy, peace and freedom. “

“This exercise demonstrates the ability of our joint military.”

Ooiriia the third Commander in the us army’s European command, Gen. Craig Franklin, also came to Earth in order to oversee the exercise. “This is the most extensive training in collaboration with Israel and is also the most complex in the history of cooperation between the two Nations. “The exercise shows great ability of the defense.
Israel and demonstrated the ability of our joint military. Beyond that, the AC-two strong friends working together.

The exercise, which is expected to last about three weeks, examining enhanced technologies that weren’t there before, and also include the existing systems such as the “iron dome” ו”קלע
David, who will be examined. In addition, there will be a simulation which will focus on the defense and run in conjunction with systems that are abroad in the next two weeks to work
Together and air defense systems that we work together in a very good shape, but more importantly create companies that will last forever, “said General Franklin.

“This exercise was considered a great magnitude, even for Americans,” said IDF site manager at אג”ת head, Lt.-Col. (Res.) aviad, who accompanied the planning process. “In the end, the biggest challenge for the team was the level of coordination between the armies, which by nature are conducted differently”, he said.

This exercise is part of the conventional training program designed to enhance cooperation
Interrelationship between air defense systems of the armies. Participants exercise Patriot elements
And others who are al, including armed ships of Al exercise
Will a long scenario zirati to discover how to deal with various threats.

Translated from Hebrew