AC12 succeeded: “a testimony to the cooperation between the armies.”

The IDF and the us army’s European command successfully completed this exercise, the largest in the history of both armies. The aim of the exercise was to make the multilateral forces to address for intra-Theatre lift

תאריך: 14/11/2012, 13:56    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The IDF and the European command of the u.s. Army (EUCOM) successfully completed yesterday (Tuesday) the joint exercise between militaries – the largest AC12-held between both armies, designed jointly for over two years and carried out in a month.
Last October.
This exercise is an extensive air defense exercise which included drills and training simulations. The exercise focused on improving the interfaces work between the u.s. Army and the Israel Defense Forces, and took place within the framework of the long-term strategic agreement between the armies of index drills on a regular basis. The aim of the exercise was to prepare the baselines for intra-Theatre lift forces to and does not constitute a response to specific events.
Attended by approximately 3,500 military personnel from the United States when thousand of which were in Israel.
A similar number of soldiers and officers also participated in the exercise. The exercise ended in gunfire in which Patriot batteries defined as successful by both armies.
Defense-Aerospace, Brig. Gen. Shahar Shohat, said that “the success of the exercise, which included training
Used engines and advanced technology, is a testament to the level of cooperation between the two armies.
The Air Force Commander, American General
Craig Franklin, who was the Commander of the joint task force exercise, said the exercise “managed exceptionally well on several levels. We proceeded in leaps and bounds in improving the command and control of our tactical. But above all, the strong relationship we already know to us, starting with the senior officer level and regular forces. We once again that there is no alternative to the fray training with Israeli allies.

Franklin added that “If the United States ever to be named to assist in defense of Israel Army, u.s. Army forces prepared today than ever to do so.

Translated from Hebrew