Accompanied by a lone soldier snaps per adult serving in IDF

This “programme”, for the soldier and now, in order to facilitate service of lone soldiers serving in the IDF, as well as 100 apartments which will reside on individual soldiers.

תאריך: 03/09/2012, 13:11    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Friends of the Israel Defense Forces and the Israel Defense forces manpower Division is renovating 100 apartments where soldiers live. The program was launched last weekend in the apartment Association
For the soldiers in the streets, where individual soldiers live in the IDF in the event אכ”א רמ”ט, Brig. Gen. Moshe alush, controls and Chairman of Association, yedidya.

About 450 soldiers, individual כ”חיילים,” live 100 yards of society throughout Israel. “Homes for lone soldiers” was established last year in order to give these soldiers a sense of home.

For several months the workers of society and “brothers”, in collaboration
With IDF personnel Directorate in order to implement the above-mentioned programme, to improve their quality of life during the military activities, to provide them with the broad support throughout his military service and to assist them in preparation and support for their release.

According to a cooperation between “brothers” of society and which
For now, existing apartments will undergo “physical” facelift – repainting and new furniture accessories. In the second step, the soldiers who instead get support and guidence and consistent by attaching a mature escort, which manufacture personal contact and serve as a listening ear
For them.

According to the plan, the maintenance and supply of food to the soldiers, they will receive three small bumpers is upgraded to support
And support through the front door, and – generated contact social support, and significantly throughout his military service, which will include providing assistance and guidance for the release and entry into the Israeli citizenship. The project cost is estimated at about 2 million in the next three years.

In recent months, began ב”מתיחת” to some, and the program’s launch ceremony will take place in the apartment. In the coming months are expected to complete the transition to the other
The apartments, but no less importantly – to begin the process of each individual soldiers.

Translated from Hebrew