Across the Allenby Bridge will benefit service improvement rather than

מעבר גשר אלנבי. צילום: מתאם פעולות הממשלה בשטחים

The crossing used by hundreds of people daily, upgrading works and construction, in order to streamline processes, improve and shorten the waiting period in place.

תאריך: 06/06/2012, 15:54    
מחבר: מנחם אדוני, מתפ”ש

Allenby, the Jordan River is located approximately five miles.
East of Jericho, will in the near future to benefit service improvement in place, streamlining processes and reducing waiting times. The bridge serves as a border between Judea and Samaria, Israel and Jordan, and is conducted by the Jordanian Kingdom crossings and airports authority of Israel on the other.

In transition facing every day hundreds of people in both directions and is “the gateway” of the Palestinians in training abroad for permanent representative civil administration bridge which, among its many roles is responsible for solving issues of documentation and service quality, and to visit the bridge and middle communication with the Palestinians.

In addition to Israel and Palestinian Arabs from Judea and Jordan which pass the bridge every day via the Allenby Bridge there is a special pass which is intended for goods which pass every day quantities
Of goods in the back-to-back method including: moving blocks that Mayo for Jordan, Israel food products to pharmaceuticals, fruits, IO, sandbags, trees, etc. The goods is an important channel for supporting the Palestinian economy.
An important lifeline for local exports, mainly agricultural, Mayo to Jordan and from there to markets
The world.

After the civil administration’s decision a few months ago to begin investing in Allenby began changes across the Board: they’re lampposts on a node access to the sum of 1.5 million dollars in funding civil administration, in order to increase road safety and preventing road accidents around the node that caused in the past to traffic.
At the entrance to the passage. In addition, you have the seating in the waiting area, improved lighting, upgraded air conditioning and large equipment post which improves and optimizes the comfort of passing while waiting, such as plasma screens, drinks, snack bar and toilets.

“The policy that we are implementing with the airports authority is to improve services to passengers, and consequently we are leading an extensive overhaul in place to reduce the waiting times as possible and ease of traveling on a bridge,” said the Commander, Maj. Joseph Hassan.

During the renovation and improving the service to pass the bridge, two cars were designed to transport disabled people, to help the handicapped to bridge to cross it safely and comfortably.
There is an Israeli vehicle driving from Israel to console another vehicle driving (Jordanian) from Jordan.

Translated from Hebrew