This weekend took place in law enforcement activities and beaches. Registered reports SUVs vessels that endanger the rohatzimmullch
Last weekend was a joint enforcement action in ACCO area sea area of policing unit
Maritime police. As part of these activities, of which 22 were recorded six against watercraft and Jet
Water that infiltrated the area beaches and 16 reports against 4WD driving on the beach.

In activity
Held at Ashkelon coast arrested two residents of the city of 23 after their rampage with ATVs on the beach.
The sea and risked the wash instead. The two drove wildly and ran into a sign posted at the beach. The two
The investigation which denied them and the ending were imprisoned.

Appeal to the public and warn against the danger of the ride-on vehicles and the risk of injury
The swimmers by skis. We will act firmly against the perpetrators and will continue monthly activity
The enhanced powers and with the assistance of law enforcement officials.

Translated from Hebrew