After 50 years: the new character written of GoC army headquarters

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Remarkably, since the sixties of the last century has not been updated or plan of martial theory GoC army headquarters. New daughter widespread attention present challenges to combat against terrorist activities in urban area, as well as the media aspect of the battle.

תאריך: 02/11/2010, 15:01    
מחבר: סיון פלג ודניאלה בוקור

At the beginning of the 1960s written combat doctrine of GoC army headquarters. Since participated in many battles and operations, advanced technologies and assimilated. But surprisingly, freezing on combat doctrine. Until a few months ago as it sounds strange surfaces usually training moved to arm fighters
The land relied on an outdated doctrine, that did not include the answer to modern challenges
Changes made in the various forces fighting tooii added over the years. A month ago, after strenuous work, published the first books of the updated and new.

Because the character (military tactics) was updated only until the 1960s, developed over the years in oral law formulated in war games, exercises and discussions, torthis and others. Because perceptions were not crystallized into a document, the character was less binding and subject to different interpretations. תו”ל and רמ”ח perspectives in GoC army headquarters, Col. Dr. Meir Finkel, indicates that one of the reasons for the character numbers. “the time has come to do
Okay, better late than never. The learning process right now, and I hope to win more, “he says.

Among the notable changes are the new combat doctrine that formula, the
Reference to the IDF combat scenes relevant to these times. The challenges required in today’s soldiers-urban areas, warfare, dealing with an enemy that uses civilians as human shields and required renewed attention on the fighting.
A new character also reflected increasing need for internal collaboration between all-arm forces, artillery, armour, infantry, combat and engineering collection, or those other military arms.

IDF up also changes with the enemy. From fighting against regular armies, fighting became so performed in front of guerrilla and terrorist bodies, who want the occupation, but in areas far as possible harm to civilians and Israeli soldiers. In addition,
Ahead of the new character, the chapter in the media arena during combat, regarding contact with the media, to IDF spokesman (IDF Brigade) and documentation.

The new character began to assimilate last month in college and command, tactical warfare and College מ”פים-course instruments, the next generation of IDF commanders, year-end deadline will be passed to all copies of the troops. The GoC Army plan to conduct classes and training for commanders and the Internet, to assimilate the best character in their units. In addition, the exams will take place during the trials of company commanders and troops. Published books are still an final version, and can get them more changes after you go to the Internet and training fighters.

Translated from Hebrew