After 50 years: the officers had returned to her live 1

צילום: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

The officers who live on the orders of officers in
1962, returned to her meeting with Chief 1 Ganz and other controls. “Here come the people leading the Israeli society”

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מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

When the pins from shavanko to five hundred warriors in 1962, extending the orders of 1 was strangled inland, boots of Taito serenaded by bird song in רנ”ג camp of rest none of cadet families not easy to reach with the shirt came from his son.

In the 50 years since, 21 officers, some in huge quantity of which have operations in the years afterward, some for other reasons. Most visited the Agency in her 1., greet children and grandchildren, but last week the officers came to the school in the Negev, navel, graduation day of 33 officers, to remember the fallen, complete gaps between old friends and see what has changed in the last military.

The day is a unique event in the world, the officers on this base Sirkin. On the old parade were recycling the masks palette it acting they always wear holattam dash for the rest of the day. Families of the fallen pins given to relatives, to non-combatants, along with recognitions and the workbook that tells the stories of the cycle, which then the IDF command (7 ACEs 1 year champion) and reached key positions throughout the skeleton.

After the incident in the Negev officers broke Sirkin, where he had a conversation with the Commander of the 1-year changes on military education and mshimtis differences between officers ‘ course. Then discuss military affairs Chief, burning with Lt. General
Benny Gantz. The Chief referring to the escalation occurs at the time of the event (and prevented Ron Ben-Yishai, graduates, to get to a meeting), which had in the Middle East, recruiting and education for everyone.

At the ceremony the speakers referred to the presence of guests. Among others greeted the Commander of GoC army headquarters, Gen. Sami turgeman, the 62 graduates and addressed the important positions they caught
Then the senior officers in each of the areas of life in society. It also mentioned the Minister, Gen. (Res.) Yossi Peled, anoamim in the event that contracted the understanding that he graduated.

“Following the publication in the newspaper (a similar event-air force s) wanting me to take off all her Jewish, explained one of the organizers of the Conference, ret. Col. Levi
Givon. “It’s very exciting and very interesting to see how youth educators. In the end
Of anyone who comes out of the base has a very big responsibility, in the army, but also afterwards. From here the people have meaningful roles in society.

Translated from Hebrew