After 8 years: education unit back into the field.

חגי הירשפלד

The southern command returned to the “command” education unit, fully equipped in many educational and really hard-core. Command education officer: “we respond to educational soldiers serving in the southern districts, despite the complexity of the sector.”

תאריך: 13/09/2010, 15:05    
מחבר: רותם קארו ויצמן

The southern command returned recently to sleeping through restarts of the mobile command. The car is equipped car variety
Educational measures, monitor and speaker, operated by that driver education. Staff role to act in order to transfer command to the soldiers of various education activities
And varied.

“Eight years ago operated mobility of education also patrol force and were since then.
The return to action of educational mobile is an idea cooked for a long time, “says IDF Maj. Moria site field command education officer. “We asked to address educational.
To all soldiers serving in the southern districts despite the complexity of the sector. This is primarily on areas such as 80th there are have little education or team necessarily enough controls to put emphasis on the educational aspect.

Command unit provides not only for the regular forces. Recently she managed to get to the reserve soldiers serving in the region, while understanding the need for educational activities and values also reserve soldiers. “About torture”, summarizes major field. “Enterprise education activities by mobile really gsertit orientation, regional reviews to tasks on the infiltrators. It’s important to educate troops deeper on the area on which they protect and connect them to the ground.
In addition, it creates equality among the population of command so that nobody is forgotten, “she explains.


Translated from Hebrew