After the escalation in March: decrease in number of terrorist events in April

70 terrorist incidents occurred in April, a significant increase compared with 229 cases in March – according to the report, 10 rockets were launched towards Israel during the month.

תאריך: 03/05/2012, 10:07    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

After the escalation in the South last month during April decreased significantly in the number of attacks: 70, compared to 229 in March 2012 – according to a duel.
General Security Service released yesterday (Wednesday). The decline is particularly striking in Gaza Strip: nine attacks, compared to 157 in March, and 31 attacks in February.

Decrease was recorded also in other areas this month: Bayou 36 attacks, compared to 43 in March; Jerusalem – 24 attacks, compared to 29 in March.  However it should be noted that two Chinese rockets to launch Eilat before Pesach (5 April).

The terrorist attacks wounded three Israelis this month as a result of stabbing attacks: in Jerusalem (2 and 19 April) and Glasgow (April 24).
April 2012 were launched towards Israel 10 rockets, 2 of them from Sinai to Eilat (in nine attacks). This, compared to 173 rockets and 35 dispatch mortar in March (156 attacks).

Translated from Hebrew