After the holidays are already here: in sum, the Sukkot holiday events

מערת המכפלה. צילום ארכיון

Despite the shooting attack in which killed Sgt. Kobi GAL, the events in Hebron
And the tomb of the Patriarchs continued regular conduct. Some 40,000 visitors came within
“Jewish” exception

תאריך: 10/02/2013, 09:47    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל


In sum, the events of the Sukkot holiday week is, ordered thousands of visiting the cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, part of the so-called “Jewish” exception
So there is more to pray inside the compound, under Israeli security.

During the holiday reached Hebron 40,000 visitors – including 15000 on Sunday and 25,000 on Monday. Each year come to Hebron approximately 60,000 visitors during the exception. The decrease in the number of visitors this year is attributed to the shooting attack took place
At 13.6, followed killed Sgt. Kobi GAL. “No event planned for unregistered on
By the IDF after the attack, told managers of officer (spatial protection), חטמ”ר ‘s major.

Besides shooting, now in the relevant mtohakr, central command reports the event even took place as normal. “All the events occurred as normal, even in Hebron and surrounding villages. After the attack reached the area and reinforcements aibino security around the cave of the Patriarchs, “said Maj. dawn, adding that” the casbah and hiking tours in Hebron have been very quiet. Visitors who choose to come to Hebron on Monday, felt very safe.

After the attack the quick mode system instead, it was decided to evacuate the area. “After the bombing was a primary distribution of visitors who came in transfers,
Major said. “While the citizens do not feel that something happens and the continued functioning until the evacuation,” the officer noted implication of חטמ”ר.

Like every year for the Sukkot holiday, the IDF conducted in coordination with police and Israel Police on
To increase the security around the cave of the Patriarchs, allowing visitors and worshippers to arrive.
During the possible exception of Jewish prayers for the Moslem part of the tomb of the Patriarchs, and tours and concerts. Increasing security in the region is designed to safeguard the security of visitors and avoid friction with the Palestinian population.

Translated from Hebrew