Against all odds

אוסטר בבסיס. צילום: פרטי

Private eliran Auster fought to volunteer and enlist in the army although he was born with his left hand only. Today it is already considering exit Commission

תאריך: 02/11/2012, 15:57    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Private eliran Oster, 20, Giv’at Shmuel, is a national-religious enlist the army recently and serves as Sun in her 11. Although born with only his left hand, he chose to do to volunteer and join the army, despite physical limitations.

“I think that Israeli and Jewish man named, ideologically, should join and pass the experience on to toughening and to your country, that you must protect,” explained private Auster on what led him to move.

Oster’s family stood by him throughout the process, and when he adds up difficulties seem increasingly on corporal and Auster viability. My family encouraged me,
The recruitment process was difficult, but nevertheless continued, “said private Auster. He arrived.
For basic volunteers with very high motivation, followed by a post really educating
The end-user base Adjutant Corps.

I coordinate education activities and delivers value and significant lessons to soldiers who are training and courses in it, “said corporal ooster. He was Commander (directory
The 11 heads), major Reuben. “From the first moment my Commander told me to sign.
And he sees potential in me. He really took me under his wing, “added private Auster.

Preparatory studies period pre-Elisha bnooha float to the military service in the IDF, he wasn’t having trouble couldn’t overcome them. “I can do anything I play guitar, shoots guns,” said private Auster. During the basic training is aided by his friends and they benefitted, and completed the initial training every soldier in the IDF.

“It’s easy to get Commission, I want to move forward.”

One of the men who helped private Auster in army recruitment process is
His prep school, Rabbi Yitzhak Nissim. “I always talk to him to find out about the various options and consult with him what is right for me,” testified private Auster. During his studies at the preparatory school head who insisted will participate in all activities, even if it was during difficult and challenging tasks mentally and physically. Later, he assisted in brokering in front.

The head of the military prepares Elisha told the IDF site on Oster’s initial reluctance if you reach the Preinstallation Preparatory. “I convinced him it’s what suits him, and that would be fine. It all starts in worldview and under observation, “explained Rabbi Nissim. Toward graduation program and the ways in which stood the Oster, took place between him and the many calls. “I told him he should do best service. We saw
A newspaper article about an American basketball player, Olympic achievement also was born without a hand. He sentenced the article and kept it to himself, and that day he became man, “said Rabbi Nissim.

Head of prep school that Auster attended all preparatory activities, combat, too.
On willpower. “We categorized training of a special unit, and it came in the first place. All about willpower and looking at things. We talked about everything to do with giving, Zionism, meaning and vision, and he decided that he wanted to enlist, “noted Rabbi Nissim. Now about the head in contact with private Auster and is trying to assist him wherever possible. “Rabbi Nissim helps me now just offered me to go to. I’m considering it seriously, I want to move forward, “testified private Auster.

The port Commission poses another node before private Auster. “It is important that the people who led the country to be virtuous, and should always be present in our future generation something
That makes him stronger. ” In waiting two little brothers. “A pretty big responsibility, show them what you’re doing. They look at me and certainly think it is very interesting that I outlined them the way, “he says.

Translated from Hebrew