Against the backdrop of changes in force, armored divisions salute in memory of Beryl

האזכרה, השבוע. צילום: ש. נגר, עמותת יד לשריון

In General azkarto (Brill) Bar-Kochba gathered armored officers present and past to cherish the profound effect on officer corps: “we continue to learn and develop in the light.”

תאריך: 29/10/2013, 12:00    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

The past and present of the armored Corps gathered yesterday (Sunday) at the military cemetery at Kiryat Shaul in order to pay tribute to major General Moshe (Brill) Simon bar Kokhba. Brill, owner of champion Medal of courage, who fought in the wars Israel front, he found 188 Division, currently of historic changes.

“Before us today in the armored Corps, many challenges from the changing battleground to the need to adjust the force and to the technological age relevant retained,” said armor officer, Brig. Gen. Ahmad olansky in remarks in honor of major general, “I know if we will succeed to the pride of your special heritage, Brill, uncompromising professionalism and solutions is a demanding mission, and in them the spirit of fellowship and companionship, we rinait every challenge and win every enemy and become worthy successors called way.”

Brig. Gen. olansky’s side were present at the ceremony, Commander of military colleges, major general Yossi yidtz, 188 in r, Colonel aishu1, IDF commanders today and in the past, many of his subordinates of Gen. Brill who fought beside him in battles. Gen. Brill has progressed in all levels of command and headquarters, in armour fighting as Israel fights a champion armored Commander sisters-in-law.
Southern Command Chief and to generate lessons and training.

The champion Beryl deal including around learning from the past, an understanding of the changing challenges and constant improvement. “Moses constantly developed combat doctrines suited to different areas, and invested in the initiative and prepare new exercises. He always used to say, what we did yesterday is not done tomorrow, “said the champion’s widow, comfort Simon bar Kokhba.

Against the backdrop of changes in force, armored divisions salute in memory of Beryl

Gen. Moshe (Brill) Simon bar Kokhba photo courtesy his armor Association

A legacy of learning left, includes many writings and constitutes an integral part of educating generations of IDF commanders. “many texts and they created timeless iron still valid and relevant to the IDF challenges today,” said the Commander of military colleges in his speech. “But at the same time also notable understanding of great variability in the IDF and the State of Israel and the region since passed away. The erosion and the change in reality, changes and rage, highlight to me.
Another feature of which is the ability to learn-and change. “

188 Division, its heart of Simon bar Kokhba, currently undergoing change-regular armor Brigade organizational change in reserve Brigade and battalion company added assists. “The challenges we are faced with the current battleground is tolerant us against an enemy that tries to hide from us and hurt us before we are sufficient to see him and hurt him,” explained Colonel bloom. “The company helps bring closure circular fire collection capabilities are more efficient, faster and more effective, just opposite them challenges what promises us the enemy.”

43 years of Gen. Moshe bar Kokhba in the IDF left its profound imprint much reflected in the theory and spirit.
The Scout unit and her learned to develop as OC, and they initiated courses and qualified IDF commanders, such as training courses and the international marrow arm, and love of work resonates. “champion Beryl gave the regiment its name with the intention that it will be quick and sharp surprise as lightning,” said Makhoul 188. “This heritage is preserved to this day” section.

Translated from Hebrew