Air גדנ”ע

צילום: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

The next generation of air force arrived at bsicio in order to meet the various squadrons and aircraft bkocapit people. The gadn has been upgraded recently and adapted to high demand

תאריך: 02/09/2012, 15:50    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The next generation of air force visited last week at Ramat David, under גדנ”ע. Dozens of youngsters, uniforms for the first time visited ב”טייסת Knights of the North”, the West Wing, “and met with officials who might in the future, fill in themselves.
גדנ”ע, which was once the entrance to the air force, past many changes since its inception in the 1950s. Distinguished graduates list you can see the past force commanders, including Gen. (Ret.) Herzl bodinger,
Major General (Res.) Eitan Ben Eliahu, Commander of the Corps and today, Gen. Amir Eshel. With its establishment, the goal was to encourage gadn recruitment, training and motivation to luxury class.
And grew, emphasis was placed on encouraging recruitment to the new position (unmanned aerial vehicles-to).
Beyond encouraging the recruitment, the purpose of the Organization was among teenagers and issues. The task before the weekly report form clubs where instruction was combined by two instructors from the air force with the help of גדנ”עים. The activity started in the ninth and ended in mobilization, with the army, which during the students learned about the various aviation and naval combat heritage
Us air power and flew them, Dow and held workshops in gliders regarding values and personal development.
Since and active new role be desirable
Also, the gadn activity and decreased with age, until about six months ago the gadn makeover and create a better platform. Meanwhile, the Commander of the officer corps with the rank of major when you’re גדנ”ע, wing headquarters and two days of workshop in cooperation with
Ministry of education, the Ministry of Defense and the Navy thought together how to improve and change the format to.
In addition, it was decided that the new format will include adoption classes all over the country ownership and affiliation to enrich the knowledge of the air force, support classes throughout the year, when during the students by Division and headquarters warrant officer
The gadn seminars and lectures quoted senior officers regarding the history and heritage of values. In addition, the students professional content including aerodynamics, visiting bases and air defense batteries.

“The goal is that whoever takes part in gadn will have an option to join the force and help him”, explained gadn, flight commander Maj. Liron Tabib. This year the summer workshop students will summarize the voluntary three-day that included being full-military uniforms, visiting bases and “iron dome” battery “in Ashkelon and gliding experience experience in Megiddo landing.
“The goal is that students get to know and see in them the force, and the Publisher of
The army, Navy and the emphasis on personal development and encourage values the students to enlist in the Navy, “said the officer, Lt. gadn NetA sheinkopf. Visiting the Ramat David is part of the first workshop since the transformation of the gadn, which is the technical base in Haifa
In conjunction with bait.

Translated from Hebrew