Air force 27 years to commemorate the fall of major Ron Arad in captivity.

רס”ן רון ארד

The squadron Navigator to hit Lebanon, “hammers”, mention his name in the flight briefings

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מחבר: מערכת אתר חיל-האוויר

חיל האוויר

On 16 October 1986, during a routine attack on Lebanon as a result of the phantom anomaly: one of the bombs exploded too close beneath the plane’s underbelly.
Two crew bailed. The pilot, Abercrombie, rescued in a daring operation Cobra helicopters.
The Navigator Ron Arad was taken captive.

In the first two years of the captivity created a few connections between the Navigator and his family and he sent three letters and a picture. In addition, information about his condition came during these years receivers
The decisions. In 1989, passed off to another hiding place shovio never received information and value on the find.

Over the years, several speculations about the fate of Arad, an shasbera belief that he is being held in Iran. The State of Israel tried to establish several deals to release the captive Navigator, but none came to fruition. Along the elapsed time invested by the State of Israel will find information on the location and condition of bronze, but never showed any reliable information that helps find a lead.

Ron’s downfall in captivity became a national tragedy: he password after the fall, “Ron Arad-born to freedom”, is known to all. During the years since, his family and friends to fight for him and raise awareness for finding information about his fate. In 2001, the established “born to freedom” for the IDF prisoners and lacking the impasse to which the State of Israel regarding the fate of Ron Arad.

The IAF is waiting for his return: Ron’s Squadron, “the hammers” mentioned in the briefings and all flights at the end of the course speech subject IAF Commander prayer for his return home.

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