Air Force Commander: dealing with a range of challenges — from core knife

אלוף אשל, היום. צילום: חיל האוויר

At the Ilan Ramon space, Gen. Amir Eshel challenges
On the IDF’s agenda that present the changes in necessary air force response to large-scale threats to ranged and close

תאריך: 29/01/2013, 16:18    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, today (Tuesday) to challenges on the IDF’s agenda, during a lecture at a Conference on space asrunaot the first name of Ilan Ramon, Israel put under protection exists for Fisher Institute and the Ministry of science and technology.
“Governance of neighboring countries stand idly by while a larger exposure to hostile activity,” said Eshel, who noted that Syria “is the best example of this. The air force commander said that “we need to deal with enemies and opponents extension. We deal in space between conventional threats to independent Subdivision between conventional knife. We deal with all kinds of weaponry and, if treated in the past and challenges on our borders and definitions, today the situation is completely different – threats can come from the front, or the strategic depth to front of drones, cruise missiles and unconventional weapons.

Eshel noted that “the present battle between the wars we are in, we must tkapis efforts, defensive and intelligence. This we do by using a variety of tools 101, six undercover with General security system and intelligence community including at, and UM. The air force commander said that the force, because of the nature of the air force, availability and flexibility, response capacity and his arrival into the distance,
Is in most cases almost exclusively by the IDF vehicles: “if long-range threat surfaced, medium or close, Israel’s air force has the option of force almost instantly and almost unlimited options limited-space”.

The Eshel noted that strategic reality in the Middle East-variable: “traditional threats have decreased considerably, invasion of ground divisions threaten the State of Israel. However other capabilities, with the understanding of their effectiveness, the challenge this challenge extends the much larger areas than those who competed against them.
In the past. We can’t wake up only when you hit that the achievements will be fighting fit. We work daily to reduce immediate threats, to create better conditions so that we can win future wars. It’s a struggle in which the air force, from thousands of miles away, and therefore, our abilities in critical space “.

Air Force Commander concluded that “space is strategic depth and he expresses clearly the quality preservation, which is the basis for further conservation in the future, our ability as a country in space is a central element of deterrence capability, allowing use of this capability and mediate, secretly and without breach of sovereignty”.

Translated from Hebrew