Air Force Commander declared the F35 will be placed in the root sprouts

The plane was scheduled to arrive in a few years takes the southern base, among other infrastructure projects and training, particularly in reference to the IDF and passage South.

תאריך: 21/11/2011, 17:27    
מחבר: מערכת אתר חיל האוויר

Future fighter plane F-35, will be placed at the root sprouts, that concluded today (Monday) the Commander of the IAF. The plane, which is scheduled to arrive in a couple of years ago received the final stamp for purchase and now set the home.

Air Force Base at nevatim airbase joyfully accepted the decision that future combat aircraft of the force will be stationed at the base. ה’נץ aircraft side, ה’ראם, and ה’נחשון ‘, lands in time also the F-35. The decision to base the new Jet will deepen between the infrastructure and training considerations, particularly the reference to the IDF and beyond.

In addition also weighed against operational and environmental components, and sprouts. Base Commander
Sprouts, Brig. Gen. Kevin Ali, said the Israeli air force: “sprouts are proud to be the foundation that will pick up the future combat and strategic base in nevatim base which is also a powerful element in the battle,” said Brig. Gen. Ali. “The future sprouts base starts the cutting of the IAF in transportation and in the battle and we are looking forward to landing of the F-35 in the Negev”.

Nevatim airbase was established in 1982 and over the years all the operational activities of the Corps. In April 2008 the Foundation expanded and entered the transport squadrons from Lod who built it was closed and the flight is the longest.

The F-35 Lightning is “stealth” fighter produced by Lockheed Martin Corp., which is considered the most advanced fighter currently developed in the world. It is a large aircraft mission intended both to attack and to intercept, development began in 2003 in a joint initiative of the United States and United Kingdom. The first advanced aircraft expected to reach 2015, but only for a year before they Israeli pilots to train him in the United States. Now, after the procurement Committee document “rewritten” between the Defense Ministry and the u.s. Congress, which will begin the production process.

The Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. ido nehushtan, said in an interview to air force magazine that “the F-35 has an added value special deals. We learn the unique operational characteristics. We appreciate that they put him on the spot. Combat always
Were a central component in Israel’s deterrence. “

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