Air Force Commander: if required, get full IDF aircraft

Gen. Amir Eshel in the special fee for pilot course to finish leg 165: “the air force needs to be prepared for the complex challenges”

תאריך: 27/12/2012, 17:33    
מחבר: אלוף אמיר אשל

45 years ago the air force began a new era. ה”עיט aircraft was the first fighter plane to Israel United States provided. Since ה”עיט enough” to participate in any war and Israel to train until today, all combat pilots of the IAF.

Also my own personal runway in the air force from ה”עיט cell. The combination of man and machine, I learned to be a warrior, with whom he participated in the first war, workhorse
Veteran. ה”עיט aircraft supply” heralded a step in strategic relations between the United States to Israel. The phantoms, the F-15 and 16, a and f
The F-35 to come, are a tangible expression to the strategic partnership and vital relationship between the United States to Israel.

At the same time deepen relations IAF also soared to new heights. The combination of American planes, Israeli systems, boldness and creativity of IAF pilots, proved himself the wars and the heavens beyond imagining and unprecedented heights in air combat.
The Middle East, which changes him and turned over to us, ping, a month ago in Gaza, because we live in a volatile and unstable environment, threatening.

The IAF called for action in operation “pillar” in attack and in defence. Shoulder to shoulder, together
With southern command and the intelligence community, a small part of our abilities, precisely, at high professional level and in light of the highest moral values. Hit hardest enemy, zarano the bystanders and protect residents of South and center of the country of the “iron dome”, pioneer in air defense.

We must remember that to have more than one purist and a straight. Among the Middle East’s intertwined and risk officer. The air force needs to be prepared for the complex tests and allegedly less sterile, operation “pillar”.

The air force is now click step. Other release, the air force targeted for long range and pure zirati. Be difficult and injurious starts expanding throughout the Middle East for many years. , Front aerial abilities in the world operated on
By the best people. We all joy and joy to run them. All enemy and that hurt us, to stand in front of him, full on IDF aircraft, Catalan, more than ever, determined to win and in a short period of time.

Power of the Blues they force people mainly warriors. You older graduates, IDIT
Israeli youth, join today to aircrew fighters, another link in the chain of luxurious air defenders of Israel since its establishment. Success of pigeons and tests. Trained in demanding that the military bkorssim. From here we go. Much responsibility for September 22nd and flying missions, will be a concrete cargo directly responsible for State security. Accountability can be deposited, require professional expertise and skill. As expected, the full mobilization of mental fortitude, courage and willingness
To risk your lives due to fire.

You join a group, the Group fought in the air. The Group fought a long arm combination: land, sea and air. Alone, far beyond the State’s borders, will be part of a team to support the execution of your task. On your return you will be part of the group that will allow you to keep fighting. The various groups itemao and turned them into winners. Always be part of a team, it’s true the army and the country, only the team win! Raise fly and stay planted in the ground. The connection between Earth and sky have a compass in the State and its citizens.

Thank you to the families. Itsktan most of the ingredients for success, years of education, support and love. Taping today fruit and worthy of pride, satisfaction, and packed. The fear that accompanied you before every takeoff and landing is expected prior to build. We promise to do everything we can to save lives and to be worthy of the responsibility, confidence and expectations.

Air force personnel, the successes over the past year, the visible and the hidden, and time and challenges tomorrow, will accelerate our work in the coming year. Air force, attack and defence,
Will continue to be a pillar of fire in an effort to ensure our survival.

Translated from Hebrew