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A condemned the fatal event of sex between soldiers of shoachrot school staff, considered one of the great schools and quality of the IAF in technology education

תאריך: 06/09/2012, 12:17    
מחבר: מערכת אתר חיל-האוויר

In August, established a joint investigation team to Israel and military police to investigate allegations involving sex offenses of manuals to choose technical school of the air force in Be’er Sheva. During the investigation, arrested earlier this week for three suspects who have been released from the military service on suspicion of various offenses, including raping, on grounds prohibited consensual, indecent and sexual harassment, all
So, taking advantage of relations.

In discussions held in the magistrate’s Court in Be’er Sheva and the military court,
To extend the detention of suspects for investigation activities continue. The air force consider very seriously the grave events which exceeded the expected values and more force, the role of guidance and control. Today during talks with naval commanders and soldiers, and to work for the identification and prevention of similar cases.

Technological School of the Corps are the basis for significant recruits to an array
The technical. Thousands of patrons from around the country began a week ago, the school year in various extensions, known for years in professional quality.

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