‘ Aisha ‘ costs for the airspace

For the first time the young collaborated live with sky racer, the new unit of artillery corps. In the last thousand years old used Kfir also widely cooperation with
Combat helicopters

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מחבר: נועם שרעבי, אתר זרוע היבשה ויובל צוק, אתר חיל-האוויר

For the first time since its inception, Sky Rider Unit held unit of the new artillery corps, cooperate with Kfir brigade within the Division recently committed in the Golan Heights.

The unit, which works closely with a variety of forces deployed in the sectors of the IDF, accompanied by the air manipulated anywhere they need to act on it.
With the Gunners went on to collect real-time Visual information and maintaining
Troops and intelligence about satisfaction targets assault. The only fighters carry
On the backs of the drones equipped with special cameras and interpreted it in the field when needed.

The filming information moves instantly to screens that are or situation or by c-level controls and provide updated and that operational decisions are made. Within the unit will add several teams only Leopard fighters and the rich and networking practice hitherto experience working together with the riders.

Cooperation between forces of successful after their teams had assimilated rapidly between the fighters, who have learned to recognize the significant power and רוכ”ש she had on the battlefield. But Sky Rider’s ability to provide intelligence to the forces, the ability to close and fire officials, i.e., identify enemy goal and give the fighters said accurate information, fast and reliable targets.

“The fighters realized help from to get updated of the area in time.
Indeed, with accessible everywhere and have, “explained סמ”פ, Sky Rider unit Lieutenant NIR .v who commanded the squadron participating in the exercise. “Warriors don’t have our capabilities don’t realize how significant that there is a person who can tell you what you are about and what happens down the road. Furthermore, we must be conscious that action everywhere, i.e., infantry Warrior comes to the task with danger and know there’s sky racer Warrior keeps it from feeling. According to Lieutenant .v, exercise routinely was completely once Kfir fighters realized the importance of single teams helped. “We learned a lot during the Division, will and I’m sure they learned from us. Ultimately, only
In riding the sky soldiers flying fortune are not officers, which means our warriors are at a very high level. Each of them can understand the situation in which the forces are
And act accordingly, “the staff sergeant to his hand. “I have no doubt that contributed greatly to exercise, they carry the weight of the luck on their backs in the belief in the importance of their role and show everyone what they’re worth”.

For the first time:-air scope response

Kfir Brigade seized the air space during the thousand years old not only through the use of drones, but also through cooperation with the gunships of the air force.
Together, the pilots and soldiers practiced alive MEDEVAC missions, flying troops and artillery assistance. They declined to detail and learned to know the nuances of language and land: “Kfir” learned how to adjust Marines
Improvised in the field of helicopters to help. Some airspace was “significant”,
Explains major SKILS, ball exercises in cooperation and responsible for planning training. “We wanted to give them a ‘ posh ‘, you realize what it is helicopters and how use them.
Their helicopters are supposed to practice maneuvering in simulated threats and of dialogue with the Division.

For the young, it is the first space where they receive a response-and air. Therefore, among the soldiers dispersed many tutors have helped their new situation. “Our job is a little like circle, square fit adds a captain. “There’s a saying. It’s just a group of people who have
Be able to work together. “

The tiny, held two weeks ago, was considered a significant breakthrough for the Division, and he
Part of the trend of expanding sector which operates the Kfir Brigade, which specializes in grantmaking.

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Translated from Hebrew