Alone on the mountain: the soldiers as independent Northern command

צילום: דובר צה”ל

They are indeed part of the contact company, but each of them is placed in another tcshovi site, it should act alone to ensure that operational activities in sector will continue as the Organizer. “Glitch in our computers may inhibit operation”

תאריך: 21/12/2015, 13:00    
מחבר: נטע צ’חנובסקי, אתר צה”ל

The winter came and the temperature in the northern command when below zero. Snow covers stationed “and” drifting until Avital see pavement or road. Equipped with hrmunies, shoes and heavy equipment the fighters guarding the post. One thing they don’t know-, in the depths of the Earth, is now war on C4I systems.

Alone on the mountain: the soldiers as independent Northern command

“The biggest concern that us weird. And power together with all systems collapsed, telling company in the battalion headquarters and major ICT “reindeer” shiran. “No no to the Warriors on the ground systems through to communicate with each other. Operational activity too small rests, and one can hinder a full operation.

The hours pass, the phones don’t stop ringing and ICT website, coral icon exists under pressure ……… unceasing. It operates alone the systems threaten to undermine the exercise routine. Outpost hours operates already using generators and everything was done in a race against time. “The challenge was great, but for its professional training I moved knew how to manipulate the event”, says Sergeant Attias. When the power returned and lit up my huge stone descended. I understand that I have the strength to cope with anything. “

“I felt. It’s an honor to stand behind the fighters on the ground and out them. “

In 24 hours, all the scattered strategically between North tcshovi provide solutions to the various forces. Any site are sophisticated, innovative systems and Classifieds that allow the ongoing security operation in the North of the country and beyond its borders.

Each site is only Commander, and it is my responsibility to take care of from a to z for integrity and operation systems. “We’re having ICT network which is invisible, but may petition. From the radio on the station furthest to main domain command, says Sergeant Attias, “the responsibility of any soldier in the Regiment is inconceivable. When I got to the site I had no idea where I’m going. Today, I know I won the challenge and independent service.

One of the major events in which the company has encountered lately was the night resident Jaljulia Syrian border crossing with skimmer. That night, the command post, “Avital” asked operate ICT systems was a symbol of Shiraz. “Great speed I managed to fix everything and allow proper communication,” she says. “The next day citizens called on the press event, I felt. It’s an honor to stand behind the fighters on the ground and to support them “.

Isolated but are linked

Some computing websites northern command are very isolated locations, including the site controls-some soldiers who have just recently joined the company contact, function as base commanders. “Beyond benchmarking ICT systems I’m responsible for the supply of water and food to the site’s security,” says Sergeant Alon Efrat, Har contact site control. “I came here and learned to cope with the challenges. Every soldier who comes here to Babette (secure communities) are subscript and the responsibility of being on the site is just me.

Coping with loneliness and independence is the common denominator to all the soldiers, that solidifies them and brings them. “We are talking with each other. They are the force that keeps me and motivates me to get up every morning and love what I do, “Sgt. Schwartz played sparkling eyes. “With all the difficulties, this bigger me and me couldn’t have capabilities anywhere else. I don’t regret coming here and enjoying every minute.

Beyond independence and offers many benefits, it also opens doors for them. “Many soldiers who served in the regiment and loosened came straight to all jobs in the high-tech market, against sites which are monitored remotely, רנ”ג Moshe Ben Chaim. “The soldiers are released after their accumulated experience in a significant role. For every service they functioned as the lungs of oxygen in normal and emergency.

Translated from Hebrew