Amber Run: southern command will race with the municipality

The race, to be held in early may, will include a competitive edge and assigns is elementary open registration for officers, soldiers and members of the public

תאריך: 23/04/2013, 13:36    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Southern command will first race sporting cooperation with the municipality. In the “Run” two Amber will assign one competitive 10 km and 5 km two folk and iaroch, both within the city of Be’er Sheva.
Every two and a half miles, position them be Dino soldiers out. The race.
Held in early May.

Registration for the race is open to all citizens of the country and southern command troops. “For a long time wanted to have a command run and tried to think of an idea,” said IDF site physical training officer of the southern command, Capt. Galit, “we wanted to do something that connects between the civilians and the military. We believe in the relationship between citizens and soldiers, and this added value when it comes to town in gsertam and are protecting her. “

During the race the participants run around the bright squares of the city Beersheba. At the end of the race the Givati Brigade soldiers would distribute medals to winners. In addition, expected to take place in the town hall events include sporting activities like Zumba for those who do not want to run.

“Physical fitness exacerbated in recent times, our highly reliable command in physical training,” said Capt. Galit IDF site we transmit personal training for soldiers and commanders while they rest in order to get an answer at any time. The gym always full “.

Translated from Hebrew