An armored brigade with “trophy”: “the war get deeper and further.”

401 Division of the armored Corps has completed refurbishment on the active defensive system “trophy”. The Colonel, his grape: “know to meet targets and reach deep space descriptors that the IDF has set.

תאריך: 24/06/2012, 12:59    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Designed the iron trail (Division 405), a division of the international army
The “trophy”, active protection system for identifying and destroying anti-tank missiles, the system implementation in all tanks. The Division, which has several tank battalions advanced type Merkava Mark 4, engineering forces, completed last month to understand significant training which included collaborations with other units, based on advanced platforms exist.
“They’re training hard, training division 401 believing that should bring the commanders to the limit and platforms”, said in a conversation with the IDF site designed the control following Colonel einav. “As part of the intensification of the Division, I understand the size of our responsibility to go further than any other Division, where bystanders. All this affects in terms we can demand that our units, so that in the future we can get deeper and further in less time, “explained that his Brigade Colonel noted that” to our platforms don’t prevent injury, but reducing it. It all affects ultimately the successful attacks on enemy forces. “
The training of the Division
In describing and made way to crowded. Armored warriors had to fight with enemy unknown, while applying new concept sole Division “meatballs” threat. According to
This concept, the modern battlefield poses new challenges–no clear front line and fighting.
Is conducted in a kind of circle. This scenario creates a varied, challenging training soldiers and commanders to overcome obstacles, moving to topographic changes targets
And sites in the raids. “All scenarios practiced dealing with enemy ‘ Danny ‘ lawyer, no, no. The enemy’s capabilities have improved, “explained his Colonel.
The summary in section spend a good feeling. “It was for us a quantum leap in many ways: fighting in built-up areas, רק”ם and directed enemy tanks filled, kidnapping, and fighting in the trenches, “concluded a marrow also exercises special emphasis the logistical aspect. As a result, practiced evacuating the wounded and dead, and the exercises were to give time for tanks thazokati flawed abortions, while providing security. “The challenge of this could discourage 401 area very deep in planning for distant places the IDF defined. This is a very significant challenge for us in a number of fields: intelligence, medical, thazokati It is also a challenge for commanders to deal with battlefield saturated with anti-tank missiles and terrorists “.
As a result, the revolutionary technology of the Division increased the demand for service. Today more than two people competing for every place.

Translated from Hebrew