An attack on Israel border Egypt

גבול ישראל-מצרים. צילום: דובר צה”ל

During the operation to prevent smuggling at the border, Egypt Israel-IDF force a powerful IED discarded by a smuggler who fled the scene. Alertness prevented terrorist attack forces against the inhabitants of Israel

תאריך: 21/02/2012, 11:22    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

During the operation to prevent the smuggling of the IDF and Israel Police, Israel-Egypt border, tonight (Tuesday) a powerful IED.
Smuggling detected activity, the power to stop the smugglers spotted a suspicious bag and dump person fleeing the scene. A search that took place during the morning it turned out that the bag contained explosive, powerful charge. The detonated in a controlled manner.
The event adds and mentions that the smuggling routes on the western border is constantly exploited by terrorist organizations to commit terrorist acts against Israel State residents and IDF troops alertness.
And their success has prevented terrorist attack against the State of Israel and its people.

In last November, the IDF force attempt foiled infiltration into Israel through the border area. The force, which dealt with routine activity at Israel border Egypt, has armed suspects group infiltrated Israel likely to commit smuggling. The force opened fire at the suspects in the procedure for apprehending suspects and notifications to, cry to stop them firing at lower body. The suspects returned fire and identified hitting one of the suspects. In search of then in the event found a Kalashnikov rifle, a handgun and a sharp object used for cutting. There were no casualties and no damage.

Translated from Hebrew