An attempt was foiled Hamas members following a suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Hamas cell from Ramallah and Jerusalem which planned the attack bomb that was supposed to take place during Tishrei was arrested by the Givati Brigade fighters. The deal also link in production

תאריך: 01/09/2013, 11:10    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב ומערכת אתר צה”ל


For a publication that joint of the General Security Service, the IDF and Israel Police, arrested during the month, members of Hamas ‘ military infrastructure from Ramallah and Jerusalem, advanced planning processes bomb attack Jerusalem, during holidays

At the top of the stand infrastructure snin Hamdi Romana, Hamdi was born in 1991, when his father, omana hasnin, the armed wing of Hamas in Ramallah, killed in decber 2003, during an attempt
To stop Hamas leaders in the city.

During the interrogation in inhabit has been the home of Romana, laboratory chemical substances used for manufacturing explosives, and informational material regarding ways to manufacture explosives and booby traps. During interrogation in inhabit acknowledged that stood about a btoneia with medical technologists, and two residents of Ramallah, which given chemical substances, and which failed to produce explosives. The three were detained for questioning, and India in particular.

Investigating the cost projections to members the performance of other attacks, including: attempting to harm IDF soldiers using capture House in Ramallah; Intention to produce rockets and Israeli communities across shgern near Ramallah; And trying to obtain guns in order to perform shooting at IDF hazma checkpoint northeast of Jerusalem.

ISA emphasize that the disclosure illustrates the high motivation of terrorism in Judea, led by Hamas, Israel attacks in the area, “the risk inherent in exploitation of Israeli documentation, owners who enjoy freedom of movement, carrying out attacks in Israel.

The rise in terrorism in sector

The military members were arrested by a battalion of the Givati Brigade battery.
“The infrastructure was extensive and it took about two weeks to process all the activists, told IDF jeep site, Lieutenant Colonel Aisha hajbi. “We have done professionally at the Mayor’s House.
The infrastructure in the heart of Ramallah and arrested two activists reached the rest of the way in.
The device found was complex and advanced “.

During the RAID had violated the order of the residents in the neighborhood in an attempt to prevent the power to make the arrest. “Inside the House itself was resisting,” said Lieutenant Colonel hajbi. “But our strength came set after long battle procedure and recognition of Intel.
Made of reserve force Regiment and extraction, and went into the House under maximum security.
We all in the action, worked in several circles and responded to haps
The action of entering the detention space should be very quick. “

The regiment gained in recent months found employment in the operational area. According to
Lieutenant Colonel hajbi, last month we can see a significant increase in terror. “We noticed there was an escalation in the terrorist infrastructure and the operation of arrests and raids every night to hurt the ability to carry out the attacks,” said. “A week and a half ago, we had a RAID and captured a similar link. The fighting spirit and Regiment.
To work at night “.

Translated from Hebrew