An attempted stabbing at the post near Qalqiliya

A preliminary investigation revealed that the Palestinian, who was running toward the soldiers carrying a knife, was shot after a post space and to the soldiers to stop. He was injured
And difficult to treat me.

תאריך: 19/06/2011, 13:31    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

A Palestinian tried to stab a soldier in the afternoon (Sunday) at a checkpoint near Qalqilya when he yells “Allah Akbar.” An initial investigation revealed that the Palestinian territory is running when a knife hand towards an IDF post near Qalqilya, while shouting “Allah Akbar”. The soldiers at the outpost opened in the procedure for arresting suspects, including deterrent gunfire into the air. The Palestinian post space and to the soldiers to stop, the soldiers fired. The Palestinian was wounded critically and was taken for medical treatment at the hospital, under arrest.

In January, a similar event occurs when a Palestinian armed with firearms arrived at the outpost near Mevo Dotan and approaching soldiers. So the key power in the procedure for apprehending suspects and further opened fire at the Palestinian and killed him. A week before, soldiers fired at a Palestinian at checkpoint after coming down from the vehicle and the body of the pipe and started shouting “Allah Akbar”.

Another attack against IDF soldiers two months ago when IDF soldier was struck in the head by a Palestinian who tried to grab his weapon when you wait at the bus stop bbkaha Farnham. A passing police officer opened fire at the attacker and stopped him.

The last report I refer to may indicate an increase in the number of attacks in Judea and Jerusalem: 44 attacks in Judea and Samaria (compared to April 19), and 25 bombings in Jerusalem (as opposed to April 16). Ballet event override month in Tel Aviv, the Nakba Day background (15 May), an Israeli was killed and 16 were injured, most of them.

Translated from Hebrew