An increase of 33% in the ל”נצח Yehuda recruits”

About 200 of the regiment joined the Catholic increase from last year. Overall, this year will be organized in all cycles over 550 Haredi Battalion soldiers

תאריך: 26/07/2012, 11:24    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

(V) recruitment for troop opens netzah Yehuda battalion of the Kfir Brigade,
When over 200 of the ultra-Orthodox came to the recruitment office – on the way to the Haredi battalion of the Kfir Brigade. Last year approximately 380 soldiers joined the battalion, according to official figures from the manpower Directorate (אכ”א), an increase of 33% in the current period compared to the previous period. The targets placed in care to track “netzah Yehuda battalion standing at 166
Soldiers in the quarter of 2012, and 500 targeted recruitment in General.

Battalion “netzah Yehuda battalion” was formerly part of the subordinate units to the Division rested, although in 1997, established an organic Regiment fighter and later moved to command of the Kfir brigade as an integral part of it. In 2002 became an independent Regiment battalion and later subordinated to the command
Of the Kfir Brigade. As a rule, the battalion units including four companies: a company, company, platoon and company operational AIDS established in 2009.

An infantry battalion of the Kfir Brigade fighters carried out “netzah Yehuda battalion” operational activities including popular perceptions, prevention and prevention of destructive events, making arrests in Judea and Samaria as well as routine security tasks and operations.

Red shoes and animalier beret

The headquarters of laughing stock “netzah Yehuda battalion” is located near the city of Jenin, and the talented warriors to fight with the rank of Rifleman, generally live in the Kfir Brigade. Activities in the area of Jenin focuses on performing tours, scheduled tasks and ambushes.
The training takes about seven months, and includes basic training, advanced training and later dedicated to role assignment Regiment. Basic training and advanced training are coming
(Regimental training base), and the first operational activities are carried out in Jenin.
During the training the soldiers tmktsaim using different weapons, urban warfare, hand-to-hand combat, and cover other areas.

The service battalion route includes two years of military service, followed by occupational diagnosis and studies funded by the military, allowing purchasing professionals. Netzah Yehuda battalion “Regiment” unique course combining military and religious lifestyle unique to the regiment.
The spiritual envelope given by the team of Orthodox rabbis and educators and includes homework
Law, maintaining services and training seminars.

If you are a soldier’s track “charedi netzah Yehuda battalion, carry animalier beret under your left chutept, and also a pair of red shoes, flaunt.

Things you didn’t know about “netzah Yehuda battalion”

Battalion “netzah Yehuda battalion” is the only battalion in the army gives to a full academic year allows purchasing profession or training after matriculation full military service for two years. In addition, a battalion of soldiers, commanders and professionals that most are men, halakhic reasons. Therefore, if you want to review the terms of service, for example, asked to speak with s. ת”ש and with that.

In 2011 the soldiers foiled an attempted shooting attack “netzah Yehuda battalion in Samaria and killed an armed terrorist near the settlement of Mevo Dotan. A debriefing of the incident revealed that the soldiers acted as expected, and rose also said the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Amichai staff. “The soldiers called for Palestinians to stop, but he kept shouting ‘ Allah Akbar ‘ and not arrested the soldiers fired a bullet into the air. Then the fire responded to them, and after consideration,
At him and killed him, “said Lieutenant Colonel, then staff.

Translated from Hebrew