An information security procedures in the wake of pencil sharpeners “pillar”

In the Saronic Gulf from SMS sent to reserve troops during the operation by the Islamic Jihad, were based on data produced by a reserve soldier,
In defiance of regulations.

תאריך: 25/11/2012, 13:41    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

In the security information in the Israeli Treaty “pillar” successful, fruitful cooperation of the commanders and fighters in the area — as well as the reserve soldiers.
However, during the concluding day in regard to the dissemination of the Saronic Gulf to the thousands of cellular subscribers, most of them reservists, and IDF officials as part of a psychological war waged the enemy during operation.

In information security that the cause behind the move is Islamic Jihad, based on databases that apzzo on the network. During the operation, Islamic Jihad issued on its website that the Organization could send thousands of SMS messages
Threatening to civilians, reservists and IDF officials.

“The IDF knows the enemy publications the Internet aware of the enemy’s attempt to conduct psychological warfare”, today in the field of information security, and indicate that “the publishing side came with the lists containing the personal details of military reserve brigades.

After the examination had revealed that the “lists were released to the Internet by a soldier from the same reserve battalion which posted the information. Bright information security
“Especially during operation, the enemy invested great efforts in information search in the Internet, and military information network is a great gift for him.

As part of sharpening procedures updated today in the information security industry “to upload to the Internet any information related to the operation, including names, locations, especially in units
Social networks “. Another claimed that “do not open messages with attached files or links from unknown causes and to answer calls from unknown number.

Translated from Hebrew