And discipline head cleans up in medical exemptions

For improved visibility, Lt.-Col. Oren soldiers Abraham a series of guidelines that limit the phenomenon of medical exemptions dealing with military look

תאריך: 21/02/2012, 10:25    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Given the rising phenomenon of exemptions that have impact on the performance and visibility, the Distributor this week and discipline head, Lt.-Col. Oren Avraham, a letter on the subject are exempt
Medical records. According to Lieutenant Colonel Avraham, the subject came up in several conversations with the IDF and discipline against me in email “with strange and creative exemptions, the majority in the medical authority.

“There are doctors who exemptions not authority, and we need to fix this situation,” said Lieutenant Colonel Avraham. “There are exemptions that do not comply with military orders, so I live you refresh and clear commands knowingwhat,” added Lieutenant Colonel Avraham. Following a meeting chaired by head of discipline, and Lt. Col. Abraham, along with representatives of the Chief Medical Officer, and head of military police, offences formula Epistle. In addition, at the meeting that the Chief Medical Officer headquarters distribute refreshing for the doctors to operate according to the commands.

The letter covers the field of medical exemptions in effect on appearance and dress, and she emphasized that doctors in civilian clinics may give every exempt up to two weeks.
No possibility of extension. To use, here is a list of guidelines that will help you figure out whether you’re exempt is installed:

Exempt-exempt temporary boots provided by any Medic until three months ago, while permanent exemption granted solely by an authorized medical officer from the list only.
If the exemption is valid until 14 days, locks the soldier civilian shoes. If the exemption is valid for over 14 days or who is referred, the soldier equipment Center for military standard loafers. Exempt shoes only given approval Palladium detailed by sector occupational medicine and medical emergency medical corps. Furthermore, these exemptions are medical exemption can soldiering high military shoe an exemption for mountain shoes, safety shoes medical exemption or medical exemption to live the new shoes

-Exemption exemption issued by shaving a doctor for two weeks, and about 14 days will be provided only by a qualified medical officer from the list only. Also, there is no exemption from a shave of “no” day or once every three days, shaving but full exemption for the elderly. Not possible to exempt a goatee (short with beard whiskers and not connecting
To sides).

Too artificial-exemption of medical exemption that allows travel on fatigues only is invalid.
My husband too artificial exemption provided in a response, including cotton ruled eligible for every set. They are the RAF uniform to which belongs the soldier and accepted only after approval by a qualified medical officer medical list only. Until, the soldier can move in fatigues in logistics, Lieutenant Colonel approved.

Hair extension-exemption exemption granted by an authorized medical officer from the list and specify where the application behavior.

Soldiers exempt-exempt temporary volunteers volunteers are issued according to the letter. Permanent exemptions are approved solely by volunteer staff officer in occupational medicine and medical screening in the medical corps. Exemptions specified ב”תעודת subject volunteers.” Permanent exemption from hospitals or health constitute a recommendation only, and require approval by authorized medical officer doctor certified list or staff officer.
The volunteers, depending on the duration of the exemption.

In light of the exemption, the counterfeiting phenomenon clarified in that non-exempt and signed will not stamp. In addition, ordered Lieutenant Colonel Abraham to note the fake phenomenon and said that “exemptions required to check all suspected and treated according to orders. In the letter, Lieutenant Colonel Abraham because of the exemption and “problematic” by Jim personally.

The disciplinary regime and the importance of regulating the information gaps, to avoid the phenomenon launched providing exemptions not authorized and not. Determined and professional activity is expected to result in a significant improvement in the IDF.

Translated from Hebrew