Apart from the Chief of staff Lipkin-shachak RA: “Commander, teacher and author

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz who speaks to the 15th Chief in line. “Every stone atsvatch imprint way walked. Also in the past been consulting firm support “

תאריך: 20/12/2012, 12:43    
מחבר: רא”ל בנימין (בני) גנץ

On a makeshift runway in Addis Ababa over 20 years ago, when history occurs to us operation “, I asked you:” tilapia, are you sure it’s okay to dream? “

Deputy רמטכ”ל, you’re on” operation Solomon “while heads shaldag unit that led the Security job. In the momentary pause between one group to the next, I shared my concerns with you as well as the prospects facing the compound operation had shoulder to shoulder.

Since I make the moments you every chance I had. I had been to me, Chief, and I flatter myself that I saw you too. As a young soldier got me to the paratroopers, red roof above the position where you had to be home by
That changed me to command the Division. Years passed, and I see where you’re a Chief position.

Finger print omnipresence learned on her milestone or walked myself for over 30 years. The values that guided the way the IDF leadership, particularly the basic ioshrthch, Irish for me every dark corner of the Woods, of wonder, for a moment, obscure, sense of loneliness that characterizes the responsibility that comes with the role in the past two years were for me a strong advisory support; Whole wall could my heart flat discreetly knowing that you understand what I’m saying, my gut feeling. To view the scene as it is – without proper advice, iputa, from the perspective of the leader also in healthy cynicism and sanity are sobering.

In many of our meetings have given me the full your companion. Avatar, a courageous hero, simply broadcast the wisdom, the secret of strength arising entirely who you are, without the need to rely on luxury or recognition symbols. Were in front of the unusually sound and
Rare distinction between fitness and treat required so the command as ihant.
Personality full of fascination-all professional Kinesiology, commanding and most controlled man you were.

Watching the stately hatmoddothch with the disease and you things. “I beat the statistics,” said. Fought the disease ten full years in which grant us wisdom, which escorted the family and happy moments when you realize your situation at all times, thanks for the time and struggled to keep up, the family hug, hug your kids and animation related to Tali, which restaurant you till your last breath along the journey of life partnership. In last week’s meeting, said in her characteristic contrast things carry with me. Also this conversation from our conversations over the years, I left the room after I entered, see far and lighter — and rushed imaginable wrote things that were clear, arising from a clean, smart, brave and honest.

While I gave me to you until you said “you gotta go”.

Understand the meaning of words. I kissed to your forehead, I shook his hand.

“Godspeed”, said, I and you stayed with me.

Translated from Hebrew