Apart from the operation administrators: “another reality challenge us.”

מיכאל שבדרון, דובר צה”ל

In another week the Chief Ashkenazi will remove the ink. In pridato, central command said that he “leaves a sense of privilege, not only because of the responsibility given to me, but as Greece we are partners to the chain of generations”

תאריך: 06/02/2011, 01:26    
מחבר: תמרה שביט

Chief, Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi, breaking up today (Mon) central command,
So as part of a round of farewell visits that is between the various units of the IDF during the last two weeks. “I wanted to say a word of farewell,” said Chief Ashkenazi to senior command, at least that I have. I don’t want to talk today about the situation. The element of uncertainty, and found another challenge us. It is important to remember: the way we are, but we have the ability to perform the tasks. The real test is the test result.

“There are things I’m proud of, and that fewer,” he said. “I just sense of privilege. Also serve in the army, and certainly to control. I think the answer is not just the responsibility given to me, but as Greece we serve something greater than our wishes. We are partners in chain, one link exchanging shifts. At these moments, I find it always comes back to court, three words, IDF’s purpose: to protect the State of Israel. “

In reference to the commanding officers, to its ranks, declared “I know your missions, and good people. Ultimately, nothing is an act of man. IDF’s story about people; All we got is a result of the activity of all. I have no doubt that the IDF will continue to engage in. I’m sure to keep. Continue to be guardians of the walls.



“Marked our way, we are proud to be informed of my fitness.”

The day spent across the sector, more sensitive and less sensitive units. Summation was on the edge of Jerusalem, Neve Yaakov, the seat of the central command headquarters. Along with lunch with the Chief command, Maj. Gen. avi Mizrahi, colorful ceremony held for limited, in the presence of the officers, NCOs and flags.

“We are separate Ribbon today giving 40 years of army service,” said the Commander of the command,
Maj. Gen. avi Mizrahi. “Standing here, the bone marrow, bound controls: the people walking for the rest of your life, and you told us they upgraded. They are cutting edge. It is the Forum that you set as the main muscle of the IDF is performing the daily fighting.

“We need all these years as a commander determined, professional, reliable. Marked
Our way without discounts. We are proud to be informed of my fitness. We see you, today and always, a role model. Keep going your way “.


Translated from Hebrew